Recently my husband and I discovered that going on a cruise is not as expensive as you might think, and thus within our realm of possibility before retirement. Like way before retirement. We started planning a cruise getaway for THIS YEAR, with two of my sibs and their spouses.

UNTIL. I read the words “pregnant women over 24 weeks gestation are not allowed on this cruise.”

Whether they have the mother and baby’s safety in view, are concerned with her level of food intake at the buffet or simply didn’t want to confuse the whale watchers, our target cruise line wished the pregnant ladies to stay at home, rubbing their bellies. Turns out, most cruise lines hold the same rule.

Only depressed for 2 minutes at the stump in our vacation plans, we quickly began planning an alternative getaway. Something local that didn’t require getting on a ship. Kyle and I had gotten away to Whister, British Columbia last summer for our 5th wedding anniversary and simply ADORED it.

So we booked a condo, pitched it to the sibs, and started planning. Not necessarily in that order.

When it came time to pack (i.e. a few hours before leaving), this very pregnant lady needed to decide what to take in the little duffel bag her husband provided. The weather forecast was cloudy with rain and breaks of sun possible throughout. And fewer clothes from my regular maternity capsule were fitting anymore. 

The task appeared tricky.

But here’s how I broke it down to create a very flexible mini travel capsule (and outfit planner) for shifting summer/fall weather.

 The Whistler Sliding Center in Canada, where the 2010 Winter Olympics were held. The Whistler Sliding Center in Canada, where the 2010 Winter Olympics were held.

How to Pack a Simple but Flexible Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Whether or not you’re a mom, these steps will help you have fun while you plan and be proud of your finished result!

#1 Write down how many days you’ll be away

#2 Check the forecast

Write down the 2-3 types of weather you might encounter.

#3 Write down the activities you will be enjoying

Make note of:

  • Dressy events (dinner out, a concert)

  • Casual/comfortable events (a day at an amusement park, an afternoon at the beach)

  • Active events (working out, hiking, long walks)

#4 Choose clothing pieces

Take each category of clothes and find 1-2 items from your wardrobe that you love. One should be warmer (or cooler) than the other. The categories are: Tops, Bottoms, Completer Pieces, Dresses. Of course, you may go with all dresses or no dresses. It’s your preference.

  • Choose neutral colors for most items, and add color with 1-2 items.

  • Try to pick tops and bottoms that are 100% interchangeable (each top can be worn with each bottom for high mix and match opportunity). If you’re taking a casual dress, choose one that can be worn with one of the tops over it, and with at least one of the completer pieces.

  • Pick shoes based on planned activities.

  • Choose accessories. Depending on weather and outfits you want to create, this might include a scarf, a belt, a hat, special purse/bag, and jewelry. For jewelry, I recommend 1-2 necklaces (think about the necklines on your tops), 1-2 bracelets, and one pair of classic earrings (such as pearl or diamond studs).

  • Add underwear and pajamas.

  • You can download this free worksheet checklist for planning your getaway wardrobe by clicking the button below. (It can be filled out as a PDF on your computer or in print.)

#5 Plan a few outfits

Create your own outfit planner, so to speak. Mentally put together a few outfits and write them down. Tuck the list into your luggage.

Download the free worksheet to make these steps a breeze!


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Example of Mini Capsule Wardrobe for Summer/Fall

Here’s what I packed for our getaway to Whistler, British Columbia.

    • Dates: August 31-Sept 3


  • Nights away: 3 nights, 4 days



  • Weather forecast: 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit, Cloudy, Rainy, Breaks of sun



  • Events/Activities: Road trip, Casual dinner out, Hike, Walks in village/touring, Pool



  • Clothing pieces:




Not pictured: Swim suit, sneakers (for hike), unmentionables, pajamas

    • Outfits: 7 outfit combinations (much more than I needed, but it was nice to have options!)




Now it’s your turn…


Click here to snag this PDF worksheet. 


Then start planning your next simple travel wardrobe! Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s boring! It’s all about picking the right pieces to create ultimate flexibility! 

This PDF is interactive and can either be filled out electronically or printed and filled out by hand.


Are you looking forward to any trips in the next few months? Share with me in the comments below! And don’t forget to download your checklist to have handy when it’s time to pack.