Honest 2024 Stitch Fix Review & How To Try it for Free

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Is Stitch Fix worth it? Is it fairly priced and how can you use it if you're on a tight family budget. I reveal my honest Stitch Fix review & secrets!

Sooo… I tried Stitch Fix and here is my honest review! In this Stitch Fix review I’m answering lots of your questions to help you decide whether you want to give this wardrobe styling service a try yourself.

I also sharing the opinions of SEVERAL Frump Fighters (moms in our community) who have tried Stitch Fix as well and have both negative and positive things to say.

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DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT sponsored by Stitch Fix, I am simply giving my honest opinion and insights on the service. I do use my referral link in this post.

Video Format of My Stitch Fix Review

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a service that delivers 5 clothing pieces to your doorstep personalized to your style preferences.

You pay $20 if you don’t keep anything. If you keep any of the items you only pay for the item(s) themselves.

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How does Stitch Fix Work - Stitch Fix Review with Pictures

This is how they describe their mission:

It’s our mission to change the way people find clothes they love by combining technology with the personal touch of seasoned style experts. The Stitch Fix experience is not merely curated—it’s truly personalized to you. We’re here to help you save time, look great and evolve your personal style over time. – Stitch Fix

I recently listened to a podcast interview with the founder, Katrina Lake, and found it fascinating! She is the youngest female CEO to have her company go public, and for good reason. She’s worked hard and been smart about she grew Stitch Fix to meet the need to make fashion easier.

Benefits of Stitch Fix / Why It Might Be Perfect for You

Benefit #1: It’s having a stylist work for you without as hefty a price tag

Stitch Fix will assign a stylist (a real person!) to your profile to get to know your style preferences, body shape, and other specifications.

Then they’ll pull 5 items that they think would be perfect for you based on the feedback you provide.

With the average cost of a wardrobe consultant starting at $25/hour and going up to as high as $120/hour, using Stitch Fix is definitely the cheapest way to have an experienced consultant help you shop.

It’s perfect if you feel clueless about fashion and too scared to try anything new.

Your stylist will help you try new things and expand your style horizons. 

Honest Stitch Fix Review with Pictures & Video

4 of the 5 pieces sent to me in my first fix. I did like them all! They captured my style well.

Honest Review of Stitch Fix -What was in my second box (1)

The items in my second box. The stylist listened to all my feedback from the first box and definitely improved the sizing + picked pieces that were my style!

You can keep the same stylist each time you get a shipment to help them improve with each shipment. 

But if you’re not happy with what your stylist is sending you there’s the option to change stylists. 

Benefit #2: It’s convenient

Can you cancel Stitch Fix anytime - Honest Stitch Fix Review with Pictures & Video

Stitch Fix is also very convenient for moms because everything is mailed to you. 

For us with little kids at home or who get overwhelmed going shopping, this is incredibly helpful!

Benefit #3: It’s flexible

You can have delivery every couple of weeks or up to 3 months apart. In that way you can actually plan to use Stitch Fix around your clothing budget by spacing the deliveries as needed.

Honest Review of Stitch Fix -What was in my second box (3)

Honest Review of Stitch Fix - What was in my second box (2)

Benefit #4: It may be useful for a season

Many Frump Fighters shared that they used Stitch Fix just for a season, to kickstart their confidence with fashion OR to make shopping less overwhelming.

You can also use their maternity line to freshen up your options when you’re extra tired but still want to feel put together during pregnancy.

How much does stitch fix cost, what's included inside (3)

This insert is from my second Stitch Fix box. I could tell from the stylist’s note (top corner) that she had read all my feedback from the first box and picked pieces I asked for whenever possible.

What Isn’t Great About Stitch Fix

Con #1: You pay full price for the clothes

Most people would probably agree the biggest con is the cost of buying clothes through Stitch Fix. You pay full price for the items in your box. The tops, vest and cardigan in my box ranged from $25-$65 a piece. There IS a 25% discount if you buy everything in your box.

For those of you who usually only shop thrift stores it might feel too painful to pay full price for the pieces in your box.

Because I am very comfortable shopping online and know exactly what I’m looking for, buying the pieces from Stitch Fix didn’t feel worth it. 

However, I honestly don’t think their prices are unfair considering you’re paying for a personalized stylist and quality clothes.

It might be worth it for you if you don’t buy many clothes and hate going shopping. The price ends up balancing out in the end.

Con #2: You might be tempted to buy clothes you don’t really need

When you put the clothes on and they’re so cute and you don’t want to pay the $20 fee to return everything… you might end up purchasing pieces that aren’t exactly what you need right now.

However, I think you can offset this by being specific about your requests. (They make this possible in the profile you fill out when you get started.)

Use our Basic Capsule Wardrobe List for Moms to shop your closet first and find the gaps in your wardrobe. Then ask your stylist to send pieces that are on your list.

Con #3: Sometimes the stylist assigned to you doesn’t get it right


Honest Stitch Fix Reviews by Other Frump Fighters

I asked the Frump Fighters community about their experience with Stitch Fix and their #1 reason for trying it.

Here are some of their answers. Hopefully this gives you a well-rounded set of experiences to decide whether you want to give it a shot.

“Why Did You Try Stitch Fix?”

“I tried both Stitch Fix and Trunk Club. I really liked getting clothes that I wouldn’t usually pull off the rack myself and they were usually good quality. It was also nice not to have to go shopping and look for clothes and sizes. My biggest complaint was that you paid full retail price for items, although if you could find a coupon they sometimes would adjust the price.”

“I use stitch fix. I have had decent results. One box I sent back everything, one box I kept everything. The other boxes I have kept one or 2 items. I have 2 amazing pairs of jeans from stitch fix. I like finding brands I have never heard of before and I like the quality. It’s worth it if you have some leeway on your budget. But even at the lowest price point, it’s pretty pricey.”

My #1 reason [I used Stitch Fix] was because I was in a rut. I didn’t know how to dress my post baby body, I didn’t know how to put outfits together (even though I could Pre kids!) and I wanted to feel better about myself. I stopped using it because I started getting boxes of stuff I specifically said I did not want and also realized I could get the same brands on Poshmark for a fraction of the price.”

Reply from another FF: “That is when you ask for a new stylist. I found one that did very well with my first box from her. She actually looked at my note, my pinterest board, etc. Also, if you mention what you don’t want in the note, the algorithm searches for that item. I say “I want breathable fabrics” and do not say “please, don’t send polyester blouses”. I get better results that way.”

“I liked the clothes I got. My main reason for using was a friend’s referral. My reason for stopping was they didn’t carry any long length anything. Couldn’t accommodate long torso, longer leg length, wouldn’t work with me on it at all.”

“I’ve used Stitch Fix for a little less than a year. #1 reason is because it’s extremely difficult to find clothes that fit and flatter my shape and size. I’m 5′ (well maybe not quite) and around a size 16 with a super apple shape. I understand how to put things together but have trouble finding those pieces. I wanted someone to curate these clothing items for me. Results have been mixed but I usually find 1-2 pieces I like per fix. It does take some time and patience for the stylist to get to know you.”

“I tried them because of the convenience of trying things on in my home with the free shipping to return what I didn’t want to keep.

“I like stitch fix because it gets me to try on things I would never pick for myself at the store. I tried wantable and it was awful and more expensive. Everything was hand wash, including the $50 t shirt! And none of it fit well. I have always bought the whole package from stitch fix and it ends up being pretty reasonable once they do the discount.”

#1 reason [I use Stitch Fix] is they send me jeans that fit. I will shop for several hours and not find any that fit right. They send one pair, and they fit. I have some of my favorite items from them.”

Neutral Experiences

“I tried stitch fix once but I got a shirt that was snagged and the other stuff was okay just expensive. I tried a kids box for my nephew and loved everything in it”

“I use Stitch Fix and I had a stylist one time who had gotten to know me pretty well but then she left and I’ve never had a good one since. I did just pay the $49 annual pass so I don’t have to pay the $20 style fee every time. At least now when I send everything back I haven’t wasted $20. I figure I’ll fine one or two things I will keep in a years time.”

Negative Experiences with Stitch Fix by Frump Fighters:

I tried Stitch Fix a while back, and my stylist did not “get” me at all.

I used to have stitch fix but quickly canceled. Most of the stuff I got was baggy fitting and honestly way too expensive.

I stopped trying with stitch fix after telling them my budget multiple times and still getting $50+ items. My stylist did ok-ish as far as matching what I liked, but not great and I didn’t always feel like she was really listening.

I tried 3 separate times and they were AWFUL each time!??‍♀️

Positive Experiences With Stitch Fix

“I have liked stitch fix so far, and have bought at least one thing from every box. I have bought two pairs of pants, two tops, one skirt, and my denim jacket from them, and I really like all the pieces! That said, they are a bit pricy.”

I’ve used SF for several years and get 2-4 boxes a year. Most of the time I only keep 1-2 items, which is fine. The last box nailed my style perfectly but for budget reasons I only kept a pair of pants (I almost always keep the jeans/pants they send). It’s fun to try things I might not have picked out for myself and get something new every now and then. Prices can be a shock though and they’ve sent some things over the years I wouldn’t be caught dead in, lol.

Give it time for them to get to know your likes/dislikes. Also, you can ask for a new stylist. Sara has done so well for me.

I think you just have to think differently initially when it comes to Stitch Fix. I tried it with a referral credit and was determined to stay within that $100. I think I might’ve kept one thing from the first box. Then I was very detailed about what was wrong with each piece I returned. I made sure to clearly point out what they had disregarded from my preferences (like sending me a mustard color shirt when I said soft buttery yellow or other colors outside of my color palette). I didn’t mind the effort to be extremely descriptive, critical and picky. Sending items back was easy. Also I chose lowest price possible and mentioned every time that the lower the price, the better. The other thing for me is that with my plan to stay within the $100 credit I knew that I was only going to pick a couple items. I normally never pay that much for any one piece when I shop anywhere else, but staying within the credit I wasn’t spending anything. When I shop other places I am scouring clearance racks, using sales, cash back programs or thrifting. So it worked for me. I didn’t pay anything out of pocket. Just took a little time and effort.

Send it back and review them all as too expensive and request a new stylist. They definitely get better!

I’ve been loyal to Stitch Fix and my awesome stylist for five years now. My number one reason for using the service is that I get pieces I wouldn’t normally have chosen myself. My stylist also listens to my preferences and does her best to send any of my special requests. I now have the StylePass, so I don’t lose any money if I send back all five pieces from my box… although that rarely happens anymore!”

Reply by FF: “What is StylePass?”

Reply: “It’s a one-time styling fee of $49 paid at the beginning of your subscription year, and then you don’t pay the $20 fee for every fix. And the $49 is credited to your account to use toward any items you purchase that year. It’s by invitation from Stitch Fix for current customers, but I have no clue how they determine eligibility beyond that.”

Honest review on Stitch Fix by Christina- Positive experience with Stitch Fix


Frequently Asked Questions About Stitch Fix

Do you pay if you don’t keep anything?

Yes, you pay a $20 styling fee if you return all the items. 

To avoid this when first trying it out, use my link and get a $25 credit on your first fix!

If you keep anything you only pay for the pieces you keep (and can use your $25 credit towards it!). You get a 25% discount if you buy everything in your box.

How much is a typical Stitch Fix box? What is the range in cost of the clothing sent to you?

Prices range from $25–$500. I specified I wanted the most budget-friendly options and the items in my box ranged from $25-$65.

I’d say it’s like shopping at JcPenney without the sales.

You get a 25% discount if you keep the whole box.

If I had kept everything in my second box (4 tops and 1 cardigan) it would have cost $141 (when you include the initial styling fee you pay up front).

That makes each piece cost an average of $28. I feel that’s pretty fair considering a stylist hand-picked the items for you!

Here’s the insert included with my second box that shows the price breakdown:

How much does stitch fix cost, what's included inside (2)

Does Stitch Fix really have stylists?

Yes! While they also employ algorithms to help assist their stylists in finding clothes for you, they do employ real stylists to assign to your profile.

I personally knew someone who worked for Stitch Fix and recently branched off to start her own style consulting business.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on whether people were happy with the selections their stylists made for them. Some LOVED their stylists from the start and some weren’t happy til they switched to someone new.

Some Frump Fighters also said that sometimes stylists will do a great job sending you items at first and then their choices deteriorate after a few deliveries. I have no idea why this might be though.

Is Stitch Fix good quality?Is Stitch Fix good quality and worth the money. Honest Stitch Fix Review with Pictures & Video

I found the items to be excellent quality even though I requested the most budget-friendly options. Other Frump Fighters who I asked have mostly agreed that they were happy with the quality for the prices.

Can you exchanges sizes on Stitch Fix?

Yes, returns and exchanges are free whether you request them when returning your delivery or later, after purchasing your items.

Note: If you do return all the items in your delivery you do pay the $25 styling fee. 

Can you wear Stitch Fix clothes and send them back? How long can you keep the clothes?

You have 3 days to try the items on before deciding what to keep and what to return. You can request an extension if needed. 

This time frame is intended as a chance for you to try them on as you would in a fitting room… not necessarily to wear them all day and then return them.

Is Stitch Fix worth the money?

The question to ask is are you willing to pay for convenience and a stylist’s time/experience? If that’s something you’re willing to spend on, then yes I think Stitch Fix is worth the money.

Can you cancel Stitch Fix at any time?

Yes, you can try one delivery and then cancel. You can schedule your fixes as frequently as every 2-3 weeks or as spread out as 3 months.

Stitch Fix Review - can you cancel stitch fix any time

Does Stitch Fix ship to Canada or the U.K.?

Currently Stitch Fix ships to all U.S. addresses (all states and territories). They do not ship to Canada at the time of this post.

Stitch Fix does ship to the United Kingdom via their U.K. site.

How would you use Stitch Fix if you use a capsule wardrobe?

Most of us here use one of Frump Fighters’ mom capsule wardrobes to make sure your clothes each “have a job” and you can mix and match easily. 

So how would you utilize Stitch Fix without throwing your specific shopping list off kilter?

Here are my tips!

#1 Be specific about which pieces AND colors you DO want and what you don’t want.

Add lots of notes to your profile in the spaces allowed. Specify a list of pieces you’d like them to send you. And be clear about everything down to the colors!

Don’t rush through this and you’ll be much happier with your deliveries.

Stitch Fix - How to get the kinds of clothes you want.

Be detailed when filling out your style profile! Here’s a screenshot of just part of mine.

#2 Spend time creating a really thorough Pinterest board of styles you want to try but don’t have the guts to.

This is where Stitch Fix shines. You can go buy yourself pieces you’re comfortable with anytime, but how often do you branch out to keep your style fresh?

Remember that the pieces in the Basic Capsule Wardrobe for Moms can take on any style… so let your Pinterest board guide your stylist and give them inspiration for how you want to push yourself with the pieces you receive.

#3 Before each new fix, give detailed feedback about what they could improve for next time.

After each delivery you will have a place to give feedback. Use that every time, even if just to say you that you loved everything you received and they should keep doing what they’re doing!

#4 Work it into your budget… and schedule out fixes with enough gap in between to build up that budget.

Use my clothing budget formula to plan a monthly budget that is healthy for you and your family.

That way you can let that accumulate each month and just spread out your fixes to accommodate it!

On the plus side, you’ll be buying fewer pieces but just the right ones. Much better than buying a bunch of stuff at a thrift store that isn’t exactly what you want!

Why I Personally Will Not Continue Using Stitch Fix

It might be a surprise after reading my optimistic review on Stitch Fix, but I personally will not continue using the service. 

But it’s not because it’s a bad service, it’s just not a good fit for me.

Here are the reasons:

  1. I know exactly what I’m looking for and don’t usually struggle finding it. (I’ve learned a thing to two since starting this blog as a frumpy mom looking for a better way!) But since I know exactly what I want I’m picky so it’s a lot less likely that Stitch Fix is going to find what I’m looking for.
  2. I’m a stickler for a good bargain. It hurts to pay the Stitch Fix prices when I could get a better deal finding the pieces myself elsewhere. Since I don’t need the help of a stylist, paying for the stylist isn’t worth it for me.
  3. I LOVE shopping. I really do enjoy shopping and have no problem finding several more perfect items online, so Stitch Fix isn’t really serving me personally. 

Having said that, it was super fun to try for a couple of runs and I would recommend it for anyone who doesn’t like shopping or needs help getting out of fashion ruts. 

Try It for Free: $25 Credit Towards Your First Stitch Fix Delivery

Think this service might be a good fit for you? Use my link to get a $25 credit towards your first fix: Redeem $25 Stitch Fix Credit. This makes it a totally free test for you because you won’t have to pay anything even if you send it all back.

Save on Pinterest to Keep Handy!

How to try Stitch Fix for free. My honest Stitch Fix Review with video and pictures. How to use this styling service on a budget, all common questions answered!


I hope this honest Stitch Fix review was helpful and that the tips for using it on a budget also equipped you with the knowledge you need!

Let everyone know if you have any other insights to add please! 

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