Fighting the Frump This Year: A Glance Back at 2016 and Plans for 2017

Now THAT I Can Do, Mama! is here to help normal moms learn to dress well—whether you're stay-at-home, work-at-home, work-out-of-home or all of these combined!

The last year has been a crazy whirlwind of fun, challenge, and surprise running Here’s a glance back at where I came from and a look forward to what you can expect.

What I'm covering below:

  • The reasons I started a blog about mom fashion
  • Testimonials from my readers
  • A review of 2016 (a timeline of events)
  • Mini income report
  • What to expect in 2017
  • Top 10 posts of 2016

Why I Started a Blog About Fighting the Frumpy Monster

Learn how to dress well as a busy mom. This fashion blog is designed especially for busy mamas in mind! Click through for the latest.

I launched in early 2016 to offer moms practical inspiration for fighting the frump every day.

This inspiration comes straight from my own learning journey as a mom of two. So it's my goal to keep it practical and extremely doable. (I'm not interested in simply showing you my latest outfitI want to offer tips and how-to on enjoying cute outfits yourself! ... for good!)

3 Other Reasons I Started a Blog

I started a blog about fashion for moms because it’s something I wanted to learn about and I knew other moms wanted to learn about it too. And there wasn’t very much out there specifically for moms.

But blogging when you have two little ones means you miss out on sleep and your free time is reduced to almost zero. So what else pushed me over the edge to decide a blog was a good idea?

There are three other reasons I launched Now THAT I Can Do, Mama!

  1. I want to support missions. I believe in and love Jesus. I know He created me, He is the one and only God of the Universe, and He died to set me free from the penalty of sin. God placed a special burden to support mission work during my last quarter with Liberty University (Fall 2015) right before I started the blog. I want the news about the salvation He offers to reach across the world! I was reminded that there are two primary ways to be involved in missions: one is by being the Goer and the other is by being the Sender. As a stay-at-home mom and wife I realized I could most effectively be a Sender. But I needed a way to make income from home. Monetizing my blog became that means to the end. I plan to send part of my blogging income to ministry groups and missionaries that God places on my heart to support each month. This EXCITES me to no end!
  2. I want to support my husband in supporting our family. As my husband’s helpmate it just makes me uber HAPPY to help him bring in some money to support our joint financial goals. What better way to do this than by writing and sharing about something I love while staying home with my babies?
  3. I want to stay intellectually challenged. Being a mom is challenging in a lot of ways, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. But intellectually? It can be starving. God gave me a “Type A” personality that is always looking for a challenge. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never be able to “rest” for long. I need to get onto the next thing that keeps my life crazy (but happily challenged). This blog is currently providing that healthy challenge! Blogging is easy. Blogging well and for an income is not! So bring it on! :D

Why I keep blogging about fighting the frumpy monster

Well, obviously the above reasons have a lot to do with why I plan to continue strong on this blog. But here’s the other huge motivation: YOU! My readers inspire me to continue. Your feedback has been key to helping me write content that helps you fight the frump.

Have a style frustration you want me to address? Let me know here.

Here are a handful of the sweet messages from you all that have encouraged me to continue!

Sweet Messages from my readers

I had to take a minute to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE this ebook. I am hoping you do one for every season just like this. You are making me feel fashionable and still practically dressed for a mom. Thanks!!
— Allison
Can’t believe I JUST came across your blog now. I’m process of style-soul-searching lately (been a stay-at-home mom for two years after leaving my job in the professional world) and I’ve been on the hunt for mom styles that are REALISTIC without looking frumpy. I mean, more power to the moms that rock the stilettos and the designer hand bags during their day-to-day, but that’s not practical for me or my lifestyle (plus I’m sure my daughter would have a field day with those designer things with her peanut butter and jelly stained hands ;) ). So you have no idea, how much I LOVE LOVE your blog and all the styling tips and bits on it, including this super practical hair style tip!

I’m a definite follower, and I can’t wait to draw inspiration from you and the pieces you share here. Thank you :)
— Maria
Hi there! I’m so excited to be getting these emails! … Thanks for what you are’s a great mission! ...fighting the frump with you!
— Lindsay
Several months ago, I decided to finally spend both time and money on shaping up my wardrobe. Ten years of being a Mama had left it in sad shape! I had no idea where to start and initial shopping outings led to frustration and despair! Thankfully, with the Lord’s help, I came across Corina’s blog! This blog brought order to the chaos, gave me clear instructions on how to proceed, and empowered me to shop smarter, not harder! I am now excited to get dressed in the morning and no longer dread picking out an outfit! Thank you, Corina, for breathing life back into my closet!
— Kristin
...PS I LOVE the capsules! I bought the fall one and it was so helpful. Thank you for doing this for the dressing-challenged mom like myself!
— Aly
I just had to reach out and say thank you for such a wonderful resource for us stay at home moms! I just bought the fall and winter e books and love them! I feel like I have found a kindred spirit after reading your story and going through your blog!

I was feeling frustrated after downloading yet another capsule wardrobe e-book … and realizing that it was not put together with a SAHM in mind... I took to trusty Pinterest to see if anything was available and came across your blog and ebooks!

It was exactly what I had in my mind! Even your steps to plan a wardrobe were the steps I had taken earlier in the year to build my first capsule wardrobe!... I especially like how you addressed the issue of what to wear at home vs. what to add when you leave the house. Genius!... I already had everything in both e books and can’t wait for the spring...
— Morgan

2016 at a Glance: The Year I Launched a Blog

It's been a crazy year, mostly the good kind of crazy :) (Have you noticed how the best parts of motherhood often happen in the middle of chaos?)

Here's a glance back at 2016 and a forward look at 2017!

December 2015

  • Graduated from Liberty University Online with my B.A. in Psychology and Christian Counseling

January 2016

  • Started back-end work on the blog
  • Found out I was expecting another baby!

February 2016

  • Morning sickness strikes (and not just in the morning either)
  • Learning about style for myself as mom. Shaping my theory and plan of attack. Began work re-shaping my wardrobe.
  • Learn about blogging while washing dishes, working out, painting our house trim.
  • During toddler’s naps: Do the million tasks associated with setting up a blog well and write first posts.

March 2016

  • Sick as a dog. “Eyes on the prize. Eyes on the prize. Eyes on the prize. Babies are worth it. Babies are worth it. Babies are worth it.”
  • Listen to more podcasts about blogging. Read more about blogging. (actually, this hasn’t stopped, so just mentally copy and paste to ALL THE MONTHS!)

April 2016

  • Found out it’s a BOY!

May-August 2016

  • Spreading the word about the blog. Getting to know my readers through their emails. Learning awesomeness about style for moms and trying to write awesomeness.

September 2016

October 2016

December 2016

Mini Income Report

Wow, it actually IS possible to make money blogging. I started earning money in September once my traffic picked up. I launched my first product soon after and that helped a ton too!

Income for the year (mostly in Sept-Dec):

$1,600 (my products + ads + affiliate income)

Blogging Expenses:

$1,300 (hosting, new laptop, subscriptions, blogging courses)



Want to receive my income reports? In 2017 I’d like to be a resource to any of you who might want to start a blog, so I’ll be sharing my income reports if there’s enough interest. Let me know by signing up for them here:

2017 at a Glance: Here’s what’s coming

I have TWO main goals for 2017. I can squeeze out 3-4 hours to blog each day, but no more. As much as I love working on my blog (like, I LOVE working on my blog), God keeps reminding me to put my family first! I want to spend ample time with my husband and my boys, even if that means my blog will grow much more slowly than I’d like.

Here’s what you can expect from me (with new goals thrown in as my audience and my family’s needs adjust!):

#1 Offer more resources

  • An email or video course about achieving awesome mom style. Exact focus yet to be determined: VOTE HERE ON THE TOPIC.
  • The Spring/Summer Outfit Guide (like the fall and winter ones except spring/summer will be combined into one)
  • More mini resources

#2 Be helpful! I’ll do this by:

  • Writing more awesome blog posts! Topics are highly tailored to what my readers email me about. Feel the power ;) Send me a request here: 
  • Improving the website: I want to redesign the front page to make it easier to find the different topics covered.
  • Foster community: by launching a Facebook group!

Readers' Top Ten

Most Visited Posts of 2016

  1. Basic Fall Capsule Wardrobe (72+ Outfits) for the Stay-at-Home Mom
  2. How To Turn Frumpy Outfits into Chic Mom Outfits (fall/winter edition)
  3. LuLaRoe: An Honest Review on the Pros and Cons of the Popular Trend (+ 5 Tips for Wearing it Right)
  4. Winter Wardrobe Plan (130+ Outfits) for Stay-at-Home Moms
  5. Fall Fashion Trends That Are Mom Friendly
  6. 5 Quick Hacks to a Better Wardrobe (Without spending a dime!)
  7. The Elastic Wardrobe (Part 2): Your Style & Color Palette (+ free printable PDF worksheet)
  8. How to Wear Skirts Without Looking Frumpy (with 3 printable PDF guides)
  9. Mom Fashion Bloggers Answer: "What is your go-to mom outfit?"
  10. How to Wear Chic Maternity at the Office (Using your pre-pregnancy wardrobe)

5 Other Favorites

(My Personal Picks)

  1. Does My Appearance Matter? (My very first post, and foundation to why I care to blog about mom fashion and self-care.)
  2. How to plan for a better mom wardrobe this new year (with free 2-page printable!) (Awesome-sauce printable!)
  3. How to Plan a Mini Wardrobe for Travel in 5 Steps (free 2-page PDF worksheet) (Another awesome-sauce printable!)
  4. 8 Secrets to a Fitness Routine that Sticks (+ printable fitness plan worksheet) (Has personally helped me keep a fitness routine with a baby, toddler, and business)
  5. Mom's Complete Guide to Styling Burgundy Pants (with free printable!) (Writing this post inspired me to create more like it!)

That rounds things up for this post! :D

Thanks again for being a reader. I look forward to another year fighting the frump together!


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