Style Trends for Spring/Summer 2024 That Moms Can Actually Wear

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what spring and summer trends to your wardrobe in 2024 that are easy for moms

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Here on the Frump Fighters blog (written specifically for moms!), we make it our goal to help you wade through the fashion world and easily find the bright, exciting new things that can help you step up your wardrobe.

While we do try to focus on classic styles that can carry you through many years without looking dated, an easy way to avoid “frumpy” is by incorporating seasonal trends into your closet.

It helps freshen and update your look—eliminating the risk of “falling behind” or looking “dated.” Nobody wants that!

Warm weather is quickly on it’s way and with it another season full of new trends and styles we can explore together! 

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trends are easy ways to add something new to your wardrobe this spring and summer

As you learn what’s “in style” your confidence while shopping and dressing will skyrocket.  

But figuring out what’s in style each season can be time consuming.

We’re here to make it easy for you to feel confident about what you wear, what you buy, and what you don’t buy.


Rules to Remember So You Don’t Waste Money When Shopping Trends

Rule #1 – Shop your closet first!

So many of these styles/colors are probably already in your closet (especially some of the come-back trends). Take our checklist and look for these in your closet. You might even separate them out and hang them in their own section. That way you can have fun drawing from those “trending now” pieces as you dress this spring/summer!

Rule #2 – Only buy a trending item if it meets the following criteria:

  • It’s in your personal style OR you’ve been noticing it for a while and it’s “grown on you.” We don’t want to buy things just because they’re trending and you see them everywhere. If it’s “so not you” you probably won’t enjoy wearing it and it will sit unused!
  • It will combine with plenty of other items in your wardrobe. Pause and mentally combine this item with the rest of your wardrobe. You can use our Interactive platform to set up your digital closet so this is easy to do!


As long as you follow these rules your trends purchases will give you your money’s worth! So, ladies, here’s our Spring & Summer 2024 edition of “Fashion Trends That Are Mom Friendly.”

These current trends made the cut, and there are others that we chose NOT to include either because they were expensive or not conducive to mom life!

You can be confident that by adding a trend or two to your wardrobe, you will be able to easily create the perfect dressy spring outfits or the chic, casual summer outfits for moms!

Go here for a list of how the trends match up with our Women’s Essentials and Athleisure capsule wardrobe plans!

On Trend in 2024: Colors and Patterns

Look For: Pink

Like the past few seasons, this is my favorite trend. Everything pink is my favorite so maybe I am biased though.😂

Many shades of pink are out there, but especially bright pinks like fuchsia! 


Pink SpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

Look For: Butter Yellow

It’s not that we aren’t seeing mustard yellow or lemon yellow but most of this trend is butter yellow! 

If you’re hesitant to put a yellow shirt or pair of pants on, grab a purse or statement necklace for a pop of this sweet color.

There is a yellow on Pantone’s 2024 spring & summer color trends list. If you want to see a full report, go check it out!

Butter Yellow SpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

Look For: Lavender

This is one color we haven’t seen trending in a while and it’s a boon for those who love a good pastel.

…Shorts, tops, coordinating sets, purses, you name it – you can find something in this beautiful lavender color!

Lavender SpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

Look For: Earth Tones

All shades of khakis, browns, and tans are continuing to trend –  they are a perfect spring and summer neutral. It’s always nice to see such a staple on trend!

EARTH TONESSpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

Look For: Powder Blue

Another pastel, powder blue is cousin to the denim trend we have also been seeing a lot of the last couple years.

For spring and summer, that means chambray bottoms and shoes, and powder blue in almost any piece. This cool and dreamy color is a must-have!

Powder Blue SpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

Look For: White Dresses

Carry a bleach pen if you need to, because white dresses are where it is at this spring! 

White is crisp and fresh for a new season, and you can easily combine this trend with other textures, like linen, gauze or eyelet. 

WHITE DRESSES SpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

Look For: Linen & Gauze

Breatheable and light, both linen and gauze are wonderful materials for spring and summer.

You can wear pants and long sleeves out of these fabrics and stay cool, even in the heat. 

Linen Gauze SpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

Look For: Straw & Raffia

Another great texture option, this time for accessories! 

Wedges, slides, purse and even belts are great pieces that add a little texture and flair to any outfit.

Linen Gauze SpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

On Trend Right now In: Specific Style Tops, Dresses & Pants

Look For: Athleisure

Another perfect trend for busy, on-the-go moms is athleisure.

Whether you are sporty by nature or just love comfort and ease, you will adore all the athleisure options you’ll see in stores right now. 

We’ve talked about this trend before in previous seasons, and athleisure is still going strong, even stronger maybe! 

It’s so strong that we have a mini capsule dedicated solely to athleisure!

Athleisure SpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

Look For: Wide Leg

Let’s talk jeans & pants for a quick moment. While skinny is not going anywhere (no, you’re not “dated” for wearing your skinnies!), we are definitely seeing SO MUCH MORE bootcut, flare, and wide leg silhouettes.

Aligned with the oversized trend, wide-leg bottoms are trending for both casual and dressier looks.

If you want to incorporate wide leg pats or jeans make sure that you are balancing it with a more fitted top or at least with a partial tuck.

Wide Leg Spring Summer Trends

Look For: Straight Leg

Straight leg silhouettes are also very popular (maybe the MOST popular in jeans right now). 

Raw hems, distressing, high waists, and button-fronts are definitely jean characteristics that are still popular so you can invest in these trending details without worry!

Straight Leg Spring Summer Trends 2024

Look For: Matching Sets

This trend can make dressing so easy. Matching top with matching bottoms and bam! Done!

Often this is done with relaxed, button-down tops and pull on shorts or pants, but can even be found in fun tops + skirts. Use together or each piece separately for more variety!

matching sets SpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

Look For: Midi Length

Last summer we reported there was a lot of maxi length skirts and dresses, but this season we appear to be back to more midi lengths. 

If you are a maxi lover, don’t panic. We are still seeing maxi options too!

Midi Length Spring SUmmer 2024 Trend

Look For: Oversize Blazer

We’ve seen oversize items trending for a while now, but this season it’s really popular in blazers! 

This is a chic, dressier completer piece, so while this might not work at home very well it works great for work, church, and even date night!

Blazer Spring SUmmer 2024 Trend

Look For: Button-Down Shirts

A basic button-down is always in style – it’s a classic piece!

The current trending twist on this style is oversize, loose-fitting button-downs.

Partially tuck a button-down into your jeans and you’ll instantly add a touch of classic chic to your outfit!

Button Down Spring SUmmer 2024 Trend

Look For: Collars

Collars can add a sporty vibe to your outfit or a classic chic look to your outfit – it all depends on material and style!

Collars SpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

Look For: Trench

This is them most classic completer piece for spring and summer months.

You can’t go wrong when a classic piece is also very trendy!

Choose a color that will go with your spring and summer colors. Neutral is the most versatile but a statement color can work if you choose wisely.

Trench Coat SpringSummer 2024 Trends Categories

On Trend Right Now In: Shoes & Accessories

Look For: Belt Bags

I still cringe a little at the word fanny pack. Ugh. Yeah, I just don’t know if I can do it. So we are going to go with Belt Bags for this trend!

BUT. Even though I’m not sure about the word itself, it’s hard to argue with the usefulness of a hands-free bag. Whether you go with a true waist-tied fanny pack style or a crossbody there are a lot of options out there for a variety of tastes! And it’ll hold all your things close to you without tying up your hands. 

spring summer 2024 trends belt bags

Look For: Small Handled Bags

These compact purses are characterized by small handles at the top, usually made from a leather look material, and have a crossbody strap which is what makes them mom-friendly.

These are the perfect option for you minimalist moms that need one handbag option to go from errands with the kids to date night with your spouse. 

spring summer trends 2024 small handled bags

Look For: Low-Profile Sneakers

Like so many of these trends, a lot of them can go hand in hand. This kind of follows the athleisure trend in a way, but sneakers can go with SO much more than a great pair of leggings. Crop pants, shorts, casual dresses and skirts, so many options! 

It’s worth noting that most trendy pairs of sneakers are white, sometimes with colored or patterned accents. LOW PROFILE is the name of the game here. These are not athletic running sneakers.

This is a great way to wear comfy, supportive shoes that are completely on trend! 

Spring Summer 2024 Trends SNEAKERS

Look For: Slides

Ease is the name of the game with this trend. There are many different styles to choose from, whether you like wide straps, skinny straps, sparkles, bows, just about whatever your heart desires!

One particular brand we are seeing a lot of is Birkenstocks. This is definitely a trendy look/brand and we have a dedicated post for how to look cute and trendy while wearing Birkenstocks!

A fun shoe is a great way to create casual summer outfits for moms that are simple, but chic!

Spring Summer 2024 Trends SLIDES

Look For: Ballet Flats

Flats are perfect for moms on the go and give a chic, finished look to your outfit.

You can find a true ballet slipper style, a perforated pair for summer flair, or even slingbacks!

Spring Summer 2024 Trends FLATS

Look For: Chunky Sunglasses

This feels like a retro 70s throwback, but look for thick framed chunky sunglasses, from small lenses to big ones!

Spring Summer 2024 Trends SUNGLASSES

Look For: Chunky Earrings

Just like the name suggests, earrings that are… you guessed it, chunky. Or thick? However you choose to word it, these styles are all the rage.

You can go small or big, but make sure you are prepared for the extra weight if you go too big! Or look for a hollow option.

Almost everything in this style is a hoop or a half hoop, but there are a few others out there too (like the knot style below).

Spring Summer 2024 Trends CHUNKY EARRINGS

Look For: Clips, Headbands, & Bows

I’m covering hair accessory trends thoroughly because:

It’s a super inexpensive way to look trendy.

It’s a very mom-friendly way to look trendy (hello messy buns and ponytails!).

Thick headbands and claw clips in every size are still very trendy this season and a new one to add is bows. Mostly fabric bows that can be added to half up hairstyles or chic, low ponytails.

If you want to dive into hair trends further we now have an entire post dedicated to easy hair trends for moms, including cuts, colors, hairstyles, and accessories!

SpringSummer 2024 Trends Spring Summer 2024 Trends CLAWS HEADBANDS bows

That rounds up our mom-friendly trend forecast for Spring and Summer 2024.

Like I mentioned before, take note of the ones you love and look for those details/styles when you’re shopping.

You can be confident that when you incorporate some of these looks into your spring/summer wardrobe, you will be looking relevant, stylish, and super cute!

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how to add trends to your wardrobe so you always look like the cool mom

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