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Looking to add a splash of fun fall fashion to your current wardrobe? The beginning of a new season is a great time to add an item or two that will help bring your regular mom outfits alive. But before we jump in, let me answer a couple of questions that may come up in your mind.

Is it worth spending on trending items that may die out in a couple of years?

As I’ve often tried to encourage in my blog posts (“Find Your Style” here and “Trendy for Cheap” here), an affordable and flexible mom wardrobe should not be made up of entirely trendy clothes. There needs to a foundation of timeless/classic pieces. HOWEVER, a relevant wardrobe will incorporate aspects of current fashion. The on-trend pieces you add should be selected based on your style preferences. Don’t buy something just because it’s a fad, only buy it if you LOVE it! And that’s where your style personality especially shines through. This split system of classics + on-trend pieces allows you to spend the most on items that will stick around for a while and spend the least on trending items. A few on-trend pieces go a long way, and still work to shine your personal style preferences.

What should I do with clothing pieces in my wardrobe that are losing popularity?

According to Google’s fashion trends report, maxi skirts are currently losing popularity. How sad is that?! 🙁 They are so mom friendly! And I personally love them, so they are sticking around my wardrobe for a while yet. Because remember: Just because something isn’t particularly “hot” one year doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in your wardrobe. If you love it, it should stay!  Don’t be concerned about “looking out of date”: simply adding one or two other trending pieces (which you also love) to your outfit can make any style relevant.

Here are 8 fall items that are popular right now AND happen to accommodate mom life! (While over-the-knee boots and bat sleeve ponchos may be trending, they’ll put you in danger of a twisted ankle while running errands or catching on fire while cooking over the stove… NOT mom friendly. Therefore NOT on this list along with several other tactfully omitted trends.)

Remember, only purchase trends that YOU LOVE so that you enjoy their place in your wardrobe for the long run! 

NOTE: The use of “CP” after a mentioned item indicates it is a recommended item in my fall capsule wardrobe for stay-at-home-moms. See the full capsule wardrobe here.

#1 Use Fall Prints: Plaid, Leopard Print

An easy way to add a pop of relevant fashion to your day-to-day is through the use of staple fall prints. Wear a button down plaid shirt open over a white tee or partially tucked into jeans. Easily find plaid and leopard print in blanket and infinity scarves (CP). Leopard print flats are comfy and really amp up the cuteness factor of a simple outfit!

Affordable Options (Most are under $25)

#2 Look for Utility Style: Jackets, Coats, Vests, Blouses

Just the name of this trend gives away its mom-friendliness. Who couldn’t use an extra big pocket or two for those emergency tissues and snack crackers or that extra pacifier? Don’t confuse this trend with the old baggy cargo pants trend though… these pockets are found less on bottoms (pants/shorts) and more on blouses or completer pieces like jackets, coats, and vests (CP – utility vest). A bonus about these pieces is they tend to be made out of easy-to-launder material like cotton or polyester.

Affordable Options (Most are under $25)

#3 Try out a Shirt Dress

Whether it’s collared (technically a shirt dress) or has no collar and is made of jersey material (technically a t-shirt or tee dress), this is a wonderful trend for moms. These dresses (CP – simple dress) will take you through all the seasons because you can layer on them so easily and wear them with sandals, flats, sneakers or boots. Add a denim jacket, a vest or an open plaid shirt. Scarves and cardigans look fabulous on shirt dresses too!

Affordable Options (Most are under $25)

#4 Find a comfy pair of Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans (CP) are wide-legged rather than tapered or skinny, and often (not always) distressed with rips/fading. They are usually worn cuffed, like capri. Just make sure they fit you correctly around the hips/butt so that they look cute, and not just baggy. Wear them with canvas sneakers or slip-ons, a white tee, cardigan and scarf. Doesn’t get any comfier… and totally on-trend 😉

Affordable Options (Most are under $40)

#5 Cozy up in an Oversized Cardigan

These beloved thick knits were popular last year and are sticking around for this cold season (CP – 1 of the cardigans). I was admittedly skeptical last year (pre-blog era) about owning one, thinking they were the epitome of frumpy. Here’s what I’ve learned: You just have to pair them correctly. Balance proportions. Don’t wear them over a maxi dress/skirt. Instead wear them over a tee and fitted jeans. Add a scarf and boots for a trip to the pumpkin patch!

Affordable Options (Most are under $25)

#6 Check out Block-heel Booties

While booties with a thin heel are not convenient for running errands or going out with the kids, I love that block heels are just as popular right now. Or, find some without a heel at all! Ankle boots (CP) can be added to almost any outfit to bring it up a notch.

Affordable Options (Most are under $50)

#7 Enjoy fashion and utility with brown leather bags

Cognac-toned leather bags (CP) are hugely popular right now. They come in various forms: satchels, totes, backpack purses and saddle bags; all of which can double as diaper bags!

Affordable Options (Most are under $50)

#8 Save with minimalist jewelry

You’ve probably seen lots of ladies wearing simple gold chains and bracelets with delicate geometric shapes. The sweet thing is, this style is available for under $10 at Forever 21 and will go with anything you wear. Because of the danger of necklaces getting pulled by littles or caught on things around the house, it’s a good idea to keep it cheap when shopping for daily jewelry, and save those pearls and real gold pieces for date night!

Affordable Options (Most are under $10)

Add one or two of these popular items to your wardrobe for fall, based on the holes in your closet, and you’ll find it much easier to look on-trend with little effort! Just a couple of items go a long way.

Now it’s your turn to share… what trending fall piece caught your eye? 

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Want to look on-trend this fall while staying comfortable in your mom outfits? This blogger covers some of the most popular fall fashion trends that are ALSO mom friendly! You don't have to miss out just because you're chasing and cleaning after kids all day. See blog post for 8 easy casual trends to incorporate into your mom wardrobe this season and into the winter.Want to look on-trend this fall while staying comfortable in your mom outfits? This blogger covers some of the most popular fall fashion trends that are ALSO mom friendly! You don't have to miss out just because you're chasing and cleaning after kids all day. See blog post for 8 easy casual trends to incorporate into your mom wardrobe this season and into the winter.