Easy Non-Maternity Outfits for the 1st & (early) 2nd Trimesters

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Dressing in the 1st trimester and early 2nd trimester can be both a frustrating and exciting experience. There’s the frustration of finding clothes that still flatter your new shape but also the excitement of dressing a fun little bump!

I remember excitedly checking my side profile in the mirror each new morning with my last pregnancy, just to see how much more I had popped overnight. And if you’ve been dealing with morning sickness, that ickyness is usually finally fading just about the time you’re starting to show. All the more reason to celebrate how you feel by dressing that cute bump in the most flattering ways possible!

Everyone woman starts to “show” on their own timeline. I am popping much faster with my current pregnancy than with the last. I’m only 13 weeks along but the pictures below probably make me look further along. The tricky part in this early stage is finding outfits that define your bump. Otherwise you might just feel overweight and thick around the middle. 

Here are four of my favorite ways to define my bump with regular, non-maternity clothes while it’s still relatively small!


#1 Non-Maternity Clothes Hack: Tummy hugging dresses

Do you have a dress that was uncomfortable to wear before because it hugged the tummy a bit awkwardly? Now is the perfect time to work that dress because it will do a great job declaring that you are an adorable pregnant lady! This orange maxi dress wasn’t super flattering before I was pregnant because the empire waistline (and bright color) made me look kind of thick around the middle. Now it does a perfect job defining my bump!



#2 Non-Maternity Clothes Hack: Tunic or loose blouse belted above the tummy

Tunic styled or loose tops aren’t going to flatter your look when you have a cute protruding tummy–unless (!) you define the top using a belt. Then they’re your friends for all three trimesters! Of course, in the later trimesters you won’t need (or want) to wear a belt, but for the early weeks, it helps show off your adorable maternity curves!


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#3 Non-Maternity Clothes Hack: Long fitted shirts

Here’s an easy one. Just pull out your t-shirts or blouses that naturally hug your tummy and reach a few inches below your pant’s waistband. You’ll get full coverage of your bump while showing it off in an everyday casual look.


#4 Non-Maternity Clothes Hack: Button-down tied above the tummy

Button-downs are tricky during pregnancy because they seem to either hide your bump or else they can’t contain it! If you miss that perfect window of a week or two when it fits perfectly, the buttons will be popping! However, you can also wear it in the early stages by using a belt to define the bump (as with the loose tops) or tie the front ends in a knot just above your bump. Wear a fitted shirt or cami underneath and voila! You’re lookin’ cute momma.




Which of these outfits do you already have in your own closet? Are there any you want to try? Let me know in the comments below!


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