Business Capsule Wardrobe Plan for Moms (Free Style Guide)

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Another popular capsule wardrobe plan designed specifically for working moms is available to download for free! 

This business capsule wardrobe planner covers ALL your work attire needs for a professional office setting or the classroom (for all of you wonderful teachers!)... from tops to accessories, shoes to completer pieces and pieces for all seasons of the year.

This simple, no-fuss set of pieces is also stunningly feminine. It's modestly classic with just enough trending items to keep your looks fresh

A plus is it's an extension of the Stay-at-Home Mom's Full Year Wardrobe Plan which covers your at-home/casual wardrobe needs.

To help you maximize what's in your wardrobe, about half of the pieces in the business capsule wardrobe are drawn from this at-home plan. That means you can double up on the uses for MANY of the items already in your closet! I show you how.


More About the Free Style Guide Download

I've put these visuals into a mini "style guide" that you can download for FREE.

This free PDF style guide also gives you:

  • an easy-to-print shopping checklist that you can use to shop your closet first.

  • tons of shopping links to affordable options for each item online

  • 4 outfit examples of the 78 total unique outfits possible!

Click the button to download it now!


Q. What exactly makes this specifically a MOM's professional wardrobe?

A. Like all the capsule plans I offer on the blog, every item is mom-friendly AND budget-friendly. That means you can be with your kids at the beginning and end of a work day without twisting an ankle or being stressed about staining your clothes. All the shopping links to similar items online also keep in mind that you're working with a family budget! We look for affordable items!

Click this to get the accompanying outfit guide!

Click this to get the accompanying outfit guide!

Q. Can you show me how to put all these pieces together into outfits? 

A. Yes! You can purchase the accompanying outfit guide for this capsule plan right here! It includes visuals that show you how to combine all the tops, bottoms, dresses and completer pieces as well as how to accessorize.

Q. Does this work for plus size? 

A. Absolutely! We include plus size shopping link options as well. This plan is also highly adaptable, so you're encouraged to swap in items that work for your specific body type. (the descriptions for each item are loose enough to allow for this, but specific enough to allow any substitutions to work!)

Q. Can this be adapted for pregnancy? 

A. Yes, in the shopping links document we include notes about what you would buy as maternity items and which items can simply be adapted wear with a growing belly! This makes a gorgeous and fuss-free maternity capsule wardrobe for work.

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Let me know in the comments below if you will be grabbing this style guide!