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Every month I share what my clothing budget and finds were for the month. I do this to be transparent with you all and avoid the impression that I have endless amounts of money to spend on my wardrobe.

I may blog about fashion but I still keep a regular family budget! I want to prove to myself that having a great wardrobe doesn’t have to cost a fortune. So far so good!

I want every one of you mamas to feel empowered to improve your wardrobe regardless of your budget. Just start with the most essential pieces, use my tips from the last report to save money, and enjoy the small improvements that will eventually add up to a complete picture. That “complete picture” is a wardrobe that you LOVE wearing and that has clear objectives for what to add as you move forward.

This month was another spendy one– but that is part of the plan because…. drumroll…. I have now finished assembling my spring/summer capsule!

For the next few months the budget will recoup as there are fewer purchases.

Over the spring/summer I plan to simply enjoy all the outfit combinations possible with my mom capsule without the need to buy anything else for myself.

The Spring/Summer Outfit Guide has helped me try new things and use my wardrobe to its fullest potential! (#shamelessplug) But seriously, without that inspiration it’s so easy to default to just a handful of outfits when SO MANY are possible!

Since my wardrobe is in good shape now, this month I plan to work on a wardrobe plan for my husband (he recently “put in his order” for a capsule plan), and for my children.

The guy capsule is forthcoming on the blog but I recently published a guest post by My Kid’s Capsule Blog about how to create your own kid capsule! I’m using those worksheets to improve my boys’ wardrobe.

Here’s what I spent (again, purposefully dipping into May’s budget so that I could get the most use out of the pieces).


My budget: $o.oo

(This month’s budget was used up last month to assemble the spring/summer capsule)

What I spent: $47.67

($47.67 over budget–according to plan :o) )

What I bought

Taxes, if any, are included.

Blue Skinny Jeans, GLAM by Refuge (Consignment):  $8.69

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Blue Jeans

I am in love with these jeans. When I first tried them on at a local consignment shop, I was first impressed by the structure and fabric quality. And I LOVE whiskering on the thighs, the stitching and the faded brownish tone on the front.

They were a tad snug in the store, so I was a little worried. But as I hoped, they loosened up just enough after wearing for a couple hours so that they were comfortable but not sagging.

I’m not sure where you can find them though… does anyone know who sells Glam Refuge Skinny Jeans? Charlotte Russe sells “Refuge” but I’m not sure this is Charlotte Russe. If you know… please comment below! I want to be able to find them again in the future (and recommend them)! Thanks girl.


Navy Maxi Skirt, Trendy United (Amazon): $24.99

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Flowy maxi skirt

Buy here

I ordered around 6 different flowy skirts from Amazon using my Prime membership for free returns.

This one was my favorite. Unfortunately it didn’t come in pale pink as used in the capsule, but navy is also part of the color palette and would work well all seasons. I love that it’s a happy navy color, not super dark.

And while most maxi skirts drag on the floor for me (I’m 5’6”), this one is the perfect length. Because of the fold-over waist line, I can adjust the height easily… going longer to elongate my body or shorter if I’m out running errands and don’t want it dragging.

AND, this maxi skirt has POCKETS! So cute.

Love, love, love this piece.

To try Amazon Prime free for 30 days click here.

Gladiator Sandals, Mossimo Supply (Poshmark): $20.99 – $7 store credit = $13.99

Capsule Item Fulfilled: Fashion Sandals

Similar gladiator sandals at Target

I was looking for the perfect gladiator sandal for a while. Finally I took the time to scour Poshmark, determined to find a pair. To streamline things I hit the heart button on all my favorites and then decided between those from my profile. Placed a bid on two, and this one came back at a satisfactory price.

I had store credit from a previous return so it knocked the total price to $13.99.

When I first tried these on, there was a stiff thread pricking my ankles just behind the buckles. I used my glue gun to attach pieces of blue felt over the prickly parts and that worked like a charm! These now feel like a dream. Super comfy.

I love how they bring a simple outfit alive!

Goals For May

I don’t anticipate buying anything for myself– my Spring/Summer capsule checklist is all checked off!! Time to enjoy the re-mixable outfits!

However, I will be working on a capsule plan for my husband (that can be shared with you all!) and may have items to buy for my boys to shape their current wardrobe into a simplified capsule.

Now it’s your turn to share… what items are you still searching for?




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