{Affordable Favorites} Lace Dresses: Chic & Modest Options at TJ Maxx ($25-$40)

Modest, gorgeous, and quality lace dresses are hard to find at bargain prices! TJ Maxx has some great options for less than $40. Lace // Affordable // Mommy Fashion // Special Occasions

Lace dresses are timeless. But they have been especially popular the last few years. They are perfect for baby/bridal showers, girl's night out, fancy date nights with hubby, Sunday morning church, or just for feeling extra pretty on a picnic. Basically, when you're getting your mommy heart refreshed! It always helps to feel pretty.

I've been looking for the perfect lace dress for a long time. But the modest ones (mid-neckline, knee-length, etc) always seemed to be priced through the roof! Anything under $40 was basically a mini skirt!

Enter TJ Maxx. They carry a beautiful selection of quality lace dresses for affordable prices! Below I've collated the most chic, modest and affordable ones available for less than $40. 

If you've always wanted a feminine lace dress, check out the beautiful options below. 

Click on an image to see size (and color) selections.