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What’s on trend this winter that us moms can wear? On this blog I encourage a wardrobe full of basics and classics with the occasional trend thrown in from season to season. The key is finding trends that 1) work for mom life and 2) you truly love.

Today I have Jalisa from the blog Thrifty Haute Mom sharing 5 trends in 2017 that you might enjoy trying out this winter.

A bit of self-disclosure here…a couple of months into starting this blog and style discovery I still had no idea what “haute” meant. Much less how to pronounce it.

I finally learned one day while sick as a dog during my last pregnancy… I was lying on the couch trying to distract myself by watching old seasons of Project Runway.

“Haute” was used constantly… and to be honest at first I didn’t realize that’s what they were saying. Cause it’s pronounced like oats in OATMEAL. That’s one of the few things that would stay down during my morning sickness so I was like… “cooool… {picture groggy green face}… but what does “oat” have to do with fashion again? Are they gonna try sticking whole oats on that dress to create a new texture? Did I miss something?”

So, my dear mama, if you are as clueless about this term as I was, allow me to introduce:

 Thank you, Google, for always solving our dilemmas in clueless-ness. Thank you, Google, for always solving our dilemmas in clueless-ness.

Thankfully, we are in good hands today. Jalisa named her blog with this word so she’s got a great handle on it. (lol, no pun intended… speaking of which, “social media handle” was a new term for me last year too! Ah… enough self-disclosure.)

Jalisa, thank you SO much for taking this topic on and sharing your favorite trends with us! Take it away!

Thrifty Haute Mom is a budget based lifestyle blog. You will find the latest style, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, and travel guides all in one for the budget conscious mom. Jalisa, the creator of THM is a stay at home mom of one and wife from Boston. She loves movies, budget shopping, target and sighting for new things in Boston when she’s not spending time with her family. You can connect with her on Thrifty Haute Mom, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

As a mom you always want to feel and look your best. Either working, being a work at home or a stay at home mom you can have a different style altogether. Motherhood changes you. There’s no doubt about that.

There’s no problem with your style changing over time either. My style has changed especially when becoming a mom and having the extra weight gain.

I still throw in some style tidbits that I used to back before having a baby. Then there’s there’s the style you may not be able to accentuate like earrings or necklaces. I am more of the simple casual laid back trend setter.

The winter season can be the hardest season to dress for. Especially for a mom who has no idea where to start.

Having to layer? What colors work best? If I’m a simple or plain can I pull it off? What looks frumpy? Will that even look remotely good on me? Is this look in my budget range? These are questions everyone thinks about.

For more winter fashion tips check out: How to Dress Warm & Cute in Winter

Every three months is when style trends normally start up. If you notice, right after the Christmas and the New Year a lot of the Spring trends start to emerge.

As a mom you at least want to be in the know of what the top trends will be. You can try them and play around to see if they are something you would are willing to be open to wear throughout the season.

Knowing what the trends for the current season are helps you make a better choice on what you may feel better in wearing and what your budget frame is. I normally stay within the $100 frame. $100 may seem like a lot of money but, that is in between a whole outfit. Shoes, tops, pants etc can cost you. The trends for this Winter shouldn’t. Here are the top five trends.

So THAT's what's trending right now! I love being told how to look on-trend, and all with a mom-friendly filter! This whole blog is so helpful!!

You may have noticed how belle sleeves have made an appearance once again. After many seasons ago. Don’t be fooled by these peasant tops. They can go with many outfits. Not just the typical classy casual dress pants. Dressing this top with your favorite skinnies and flats will match perfectly.

Knee high boots can be worn in the Winter or Spring. Pairing them with a skirt or dress can help take away battle of the bulge. They will also help accentuate your waist and thigh area.

Laced sweaters are a great trend for the Winter. They can be dressed up or dressed down. You can also pair these type of sweaters with a pair of leggings and a pair of great boots.

If you are on the West coast a denim jumpsuit goes great with the cool weather. 

Links for Trends: Under $100


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  1. Belle Sleeves
  2. Laced Sweaters
  3. Knee High Boots
  4. Jumpsuits
  5. Leggings

Now it’s your turn to share… which of these winter trends are you favorite?

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So THAT's what's trending right now! I love being told how to look on-trend, and all with a mom-friendly filter! This whole blog is so helpful!!So THAT's what's trending right now! I love being told how to look on-trend, and all with a mom-friendly filter! This whole blog is so helpful!!