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Have you recently become a new mama? Isn’t it the most life-changing experience you’ve ever lived through? It definitely was for me… right up there with becoming a wife.

Those early days as a new mom are mixed with highs and lows: cuddles with your baby, getting to know their personality, trying to catch their first smiles on your phone, sharing the joy of their arrival with friends and family. Then there are challenges, from lack of sleep to milk engorgement, from colicky nights and cradle cap to their first cold.

It’s all mixed up into a crazy life-altering experience. It’s one you probably wouldn’t trade for the world and yet it leaves you with little energy to care for yourself.

Here’s a quick tip as a side note: Focus on getting yourself enough sleep those first few weeks. Nap when baby naps. Nap every time they sleep until you don’t feel you need to nap. Then nap some more. Nothing else matters as much as recovering from sleep deprivation. (And if you can’t seem to sleep during the day, try “looking up” with you eyes closed, basically rolling your eyes back gently while you’re lying there. Do you feel sleepier? Totally just a trick my hubby taught me!) When YOU are rested, everything else will be ten times easier! Not to mention you’ll have better memories about your first weeks with baby.

Well THAT was a total side note, but seriously dear mama. Make it a priority, ok?

As you’re starting to feel human again, it’s time to start enjoying some other forms of self-care. One of those is feeling good about the way you look.


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Today I’m very pleased to have another mom share her tips on easy fashion for those early months with a new little one. I especially love her tip about a kind of wrinkle-free clothing piece that is also highly fashionable.

I hope you enjoy this read and catch a few tips to make feeling stylish just a bit easier as a new mom.

Take it away, Claire!

Claire Hastings is from Brisbane, Australia and recently became a new mom (or should l say “mum”!) to a baby girl. 🙂 She is a fashion lover, wanderer, and a writer. She is also very passionate about running, other cultures, and her cat. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter!

Starting your new life as a first-time mom is an overwhelming experience that will turn your whole being towards others. Unfortunately, that means that you won’t have as much time for yourself as you are used to. It is something that you wouldn’t want to give up for the world, though. In that respect, stay positive. Even though there will be many occasions when you’re tired, in a rush and nervous, your child’s smile will make everything better.

But, having to give your full attention to your family and especially in combination with your regular work, can make you feel a little bit lost. In that respect, don’t neglect your own needs and fight for your individuality.

With some effective pre-planning and time organization as well as small wardrobe tricks, you’ll be able to see yourself as both a loving mother and a fashionable and confident woman.

1. Declutter

If your body is still not back to its usual pre-pregnancy shape, don’t worry. What’s more, get rid of all the stuff that reminds you of those times. This doesn’t mean that you have to throw everything away but at least store it somewhere else together with seasonal clothes that you won’t be using for a while. This effective declutter will free a lot of space in your wardrobe so that you can have a clear display of the things that you can and love to wear.

2. Wrinkle-free clothes

No one has the time to iron the garments when the baby comes. Therefore, make sure to fill your wardrobe with garments that are wrinkle-free. A very classy and versatile option are sweaters and especially loose and oversized ones. But you can get them in various styles and designs and pair them with comfortable tights and leggings. These are very trendy, don’t require ironing and can effectively hide any excess weight that you may still carry. There’s a perfect way to incorporate these warm garments for formal occasions as well – simply check out some of the sweater dresses available.
See affordable sweater dresses on Amazon.

In case you have some garments that you simply love but they can get wrinkly very easily, make sure to hang them on racks. Actually, to avoid the tedious task of ironing, get yourself as many hangers as you need and display your wrinkle-prone clothes in that manner.

3. Layering is the key

Layering is a very popular fashion trend but it’s also very practical. You can basically use your dresses and loose shirts in combination with thick and warm tights and socks, flattering jackets and cardigans, statement scarves, etc. If you want a change of pace or simply don’t fancy wearing dresses too much, you can get the same effect with comfortable playsuits that are perfect for both casual and formal events, especially when styled with belts, basic tees underneath and blazers. See affordable playsuits on Amazon.

4. Quick dress up

Apart from sweaters, dresses of all shapes and designs (except bodycon dresses of course) are a perfect option for busy new moms. Dresses will always make you feel confident, feminine and special, yet they require the least amount of effort when it comes to planning your outfit. In that respect, make sure to have several dress choices ready in your wardrobe. A-cut, emperor waist and wrap dresses are a must, so pay attention to these styles when shopping. See affordable nursing friendly dresses.

5. Comfy footwear

It’s very important to have top quality and comfortable footwear for colder months. But, you obviously won’t have the time to pair different shoe styles and match them with your outfits on daily basis. In that respect, make sure to get yourself a pair of boots that are water resistant and comfy, but very fashionable. Black and brown color and classic cut are the best because you’ll be able to match them with absolutely any outfit while having the complete lightness of foot.
While it’s true that you won’t have a lot of time to spend on shopping with your friends when the baby comes, you can always get the same effect of retail therapy with online shopping. It’s definitely not too difficult to make these changes to your wardrobe and lifestyle, but you need to embrace your own motivation and care for yourself more. The important thing is to stay true to yourself even in life-changing and crucial situations such as taking the role of a mom for the first time.  


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Struggling to feel great about how you look after a new baby? Love these ideas for enjoying fashion again after a baby! Click to read the 5 tips!Struggling to feel great about how you look after a new baby? Love these ideas for enjoying fashion again after a baby! Click to read the 5 tips!