So is it grey or gray? How about we use both! 

Since I included a gray swing dress in the Spring/Summer Capsule, today I have Jamie from the blog Mommy in Flats sharing 3 ways to style one just like it! 

In today’s post, she’s wearing a tee dress. (A swing dress is simply cut in a wider a-line to give more “swing” to it.) Regardless of the exact cut, a basic, solid-colored dress like this one is a staple in a mom’s wardrobe! It is extremely versatile and oh-so-comfy.

Jamie is styling three spring and summer looks, but these dresses are awesome year round. Yes, even in winter! Check out how many ways I styled my long sleeve swing dress in the winter on Instagram.

I’m so excited to host Jamie on the blog because I really connected with her style on Instagram and her own blog. She and I have very similar taste. And, ummm, she totally digs the use of parenthesis as much as I do (maybe even more!).

She’s a mom and completely understands the struggle it is to take care of your appearance in the midst of busy mothering. Not to mention, she’s got a sense of humor about it:  “One day, I won’t have to carry my whole house with me but today is not that day.” Bahahaha! YES.

Ok, now for some style inspiration. Take it away, girl!   

Blog: www.mommyinflats.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mommyinflats/

I’m Jamie, the youngest of five, mother to four, and wife to one. Growing up, I was a quiet introvert who much preferred reading to running around outside or going places with lots of people. Not much has changed…oh wait four kids later and I don’t have time to sit still much less concentrate on a whole book (I will get my book club book read sometime in 2016, I swear).

I can be found, running around my house after a crazy two year old, snuggling a sleepy infant, or feeding two (always) hungry growing girls. In the midst of all that, I have developed a new love for simplicity, whether it comes to decorating the house or dressing myself and the kids. I used to love lots of loud hues but now, I make do with a pop of color and just hope no one wipes their nose on my shirt.

I have to take a moment to be straight with you before I dive into this post. I love the idea of the capsule. But, I’ve never been able to stick with just a set number of items (it’s a dream- along with the idea of a squinkiless house- one day). That said, I have my favorite pieces that I like to wear day in and day out. And, while you’ll see me feature various items on my blog, most of the time, I bring home the new shirt or jeans and try it with tags in my home and decide, it’s not a keep (I rarely try things on in the fitting room- who has time???). My wardrobe consists of a lot fewer things than it appears, but still more than a capsule.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about why this dress is a perfect capsule item. It’s plain: the color, the shape, the style. You can’t get much more basic than a nice straight grey dress. I also love that it’s short sleeved and short in length meaning it can take you from winter to spring, through summer to fall. The material is light and breezy which makes it perfect for layering. 

Let’s talk looks. 

Outfit #1:  Date day


My first instinct was to put this dress with a floral scarf to add some color. I paired that with my Earth sandals and this vintage bag (I think it was $8 and so unique- keep your eye out for pieces like this to give your look that little something that no one else will have). Spring in February? I’ll take it. If it gets chilly you can always throw on a nice cardigan or light jacket. For me, it didn’t happen so- no pictures of that! But, that brings me to my next look. 

Lou & Grey Loft Dress | Scarf: Mossimo clearance | Shoes: Earth 

Outfit #2:  Casual


I love that this dress can be dressed up or down. I threw it on with my favorite converse and a bright sweatshirt. This hair style is a simple Dutch braid pinned behind my ear and is great for “dirty” hair days. I grabbed my favorite in between bag (not a diaper bag, but not just a purse) by Ona to get me through a quick outing out with the kids. I love that this bag has enough room to carry my must haves and everything I need to tote around with an 8 month old. It’s a little pricey but I find a good bag worth the investment. I’ve been toting this one around for two years and it looks brand new. 

Lou & Grey Loft Dress | Sweatshirt: Costco, similar | Bag: Ona Bags | Shoes: Converse 

Are you looking for some inspiration for casual outfit ideas for moms? 

Casual Outfit Ideas Wearing Burgundy Pants 
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Outfit #3:  Sunday brunch



My third look had to take me from church to brunch and running around after four kids (yikes- what have I gotten myself into?). I wanted to give it a unique look while keeping it comfortable and appropriate for church. Which is why, I decided I could use some footless tights with this look and add a pop of color with my hot pink flats (who doesn’t love a little pink?). The weather had cooled down from the first look when it was in the High 70s to the mid 40s. This is where layers come into play. I spiced up the dress with a jean shirt tied at the waist (I love adding retro touches and what’s more 90s than a denim button up?) and threw on my favorite coat (which hopefully we won’t need for the real spring weather to come!). This look got my real diaper bag, which I also love. One day, I won’t have to carry my whole house with me but today is not that day. 

Lou & Grey Loft Dress | Denim shirt: Mossimo, similar | Bag: Budu Baby Bag | Shoes: Bandolino (similar in faux suede) | Coat: All day Coat Betabrand 

I had a lot of fun taking this dress from casual to Sunday best and feel like there are a hundred more combinations I could pull together just from things I already have in my closet. You don’t always need a whole lot of new pieces to make your clothes work for you. Sometimes, you just need a basic dress to show you just how many looks you already have in your wardrobe. 

Capsule item: Lou & Grey Loft Dress

**Note: I shop sales. Though I’m linking you to all the items I’m wearing, unless there’s a sale, I did not buy most of them. Even the shoes were purchased at times when I had coupons or they were on sale. Always check to see if there’s a coupon code and remember if not, there will be something else you like even better. I rarely pay full price and neither should you.

Don’t forget to visit Jamie’s blog, Mommy in Flats! You can also follow her on Instagram.

Now it’s your turn to share:  which one is your favorite way to style a simple dress?


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