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Frump Fighters welcomes guest post submissions by moms writing about fashion and style. If you are interested in contributing, send me an email to corina@nowthaticando.com or use the form below. 

If you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to become familiar with the content on this blog before submitting inquiries. 

If your submission is a good fit for the blog it will be scheduled to publish on Frump Fighters and I will email you regarding the publish date. Your post will be promoted across my social media platforms and email list and we encourage you to do the same to gain the most exposure for your work! You can see more about current traffic volume and social media following in my media kit.



  • Topics covered on the blog: Mommy fashion/style and heart-to-heart encouragement for moms fighting the frump.
  • The most popular posts cover a thorough and simple “How To” for a fashion question/problem. List posts such as “Top 5 Outfits for Busy Moms” also do well. Pictures recommended.
  • Submissions should be original (never before published), thoroughly proof-read and ready to post. Word count is flexible. The most important feature is that your blog post provides easy to follow tips and inspiration on a specific topic regarding moms fighting the frump.
  • Submissions must not contain foul language and any outfit images should be modest: for example, no low cut tops (showing cleavage) or midriff shirts. We like to keep it classy around here. 🙂
  • Images: Include at least one image. Bright, high-quality images are encouraged as they pertain to your post. For example, pictures of yourself modeling a certain outfit that is mom-friendly will add value to your post. Please insure you have full permissions to the photo (no randomly retrieved photos from the internet). I reserve the right to decide which photos (if any) get included in the post and to use one of your photos or find my own to create blog post graphics for social media promotion (such as a vertical Pinterest graphic). 
  • I will create Pinterest graphics and title graphics (the kind with text overlay), you only need to provide your profile pic and the images that go along with your post content.
  • Include in your submission: A head shot, a brief bio, and one link back to your blog or social media profile. (Tip: If you offer a freebie on your site, link to that to gather subscribers!)
  • I may adjust the formatting and heading titles to match best SEO practices
  • After your blog post topic and publish date have been confirmed: Submit your post no later than a week before your publish date


Thank you for your interest in collaborating! I really look forward to connecting with you!


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