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Here's what comes in the full guide:

  1. All 239 Visual Outfit Layouts (split evenly between four seasons) so that you don't run out of ideas.
  2. Access to an interactive online gallery so that you can easily swipe through outfits or sort outfits by specific clothing pieces.
  3. Create-Your-Own-Color-Palette worksheet so that you can apply any color scheme to the plan.
  4. A specially formatted PDF for printing so that you can enjoy the guide as a printed book to keep on your dresser.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a print or digital book?

This is a digital eBook (152 pages) + private access to the online gallery that allows you to quickly sort outfits by individual piece used or season. If you like your books in print though, there's that option. In your Getting Started guide I will provide instructions for how to order a print copy for about $12.

Q. I'm pregnant, could I use this wardrobe plan and the outfits now? 

A. The pieces in this plan make a wonderful maternity wardrobe! I include notes in the shopping guide about what to buy in maternity or what to get non-maternity and simply adapt for the season of pregnancy so that it works post-partum too. 

Q. Are the outfits in this guide nursing friendly? 

A. Absolutely. The only variation you would make is getting the four dresses in nursing-friendly versions, or swapping them for skirts instead.

Q. I can't afford to get all the recommended pieces right away... is it worth my money to get all this outfit inspiration?

A. Most of the women who use and love this guide only have some of the recommended pieces when they start out--and that's to be expected because I encourage you to update your wardrobe on a budget (whatever that budget is for you).  But the power of this guide is in exploding your outfit potential with what you do have. Even outfits that use pieces you are missing will still serve as fuel to inspire another outfit with a few things swapped in. You'll see that done all the time on the Facebook Group! As you try the outfits using what you have and swapping alternatives as needed, you'll quickly realize which pieces you really want to spend your money on and your shopping will be confident and satisfying. You'll find yourself using what is in your closet in so many more ways than you thought possible!

Q. My style preference is different to the recommended pieces (or, "I'm over 40 and my style is more mature")... how adaptable are the outfits?

A. The outfits are just the starting point... you can either choose to follow them to a T or only use them as the framework for your own outfit variations. One outfit will look quite different on one woman than another... all based on their personal preference in colors, patterns, and fit. The outfit formulas by each outfit use descriptions that are specific enough to insure the outfit will work, but broad enough to allow personal styles to determine your specific look. 

We have women ranging from 22 to over 65 using this guide to show them all the ways they can combine their unique pieces into outfits they never tried before. It's as adaptable as you want it to be!

Q. Can I see examples of the outfits on real people?

A. Yes, there will be a tagging system within the Facebook Group that makes it easy to look up how other ladies re-created an outfit. This collection of examples will grow as each season goes by and everyone has a chance to try each of the outfits.

Q. Will this guide be out of date months or a year after I buy it? 

A. I purposefully planned the full year wardrobe plan to be somewhat timeless. I wanted it to simply be "a mom's basic guide to dressing well." It's not a seasonal challenge. As it goes with fashion, over the next several years certain looks will be less popular and new ones will take their place. That’s why the pieces and outfits in the Outfit Guide are carefully based on classic and highly popular looks that will be effortlessly “on trend” for many years.

What about the shopping links? I will be keeping the Shopping Guide updated and relevant so that as the seasons change you can still find pieces. Keep in mind that exact pieces may sell out over time—however links to similar pieces will continue to be available. Most of the ladies using the guide only get a handful of the exact pieces anyway. Using your existing wardrobe plus similar pieces in their own style will help make this wardrobe plan unique to YOU!

Q. Isn't it easy enough to come up with my own outfit combinations once I follow the wardrobe plan?

A. On average most people only actually wear a third of the outfit potential because they gravitate towards the looks they're used to and comfortable with. This guide is designed to take the decision of what you’ll wear out of your hands, both saving your time and energy while also helping you try combinations you never thought of before.  Even though I’ve planned the different outfits in the guide myself, I still fall into ruts of wearing my pieces the same way when I don’t refer to my outfit guide!

I've spent hours meticulously planning every possible outfit combination (without repeats) using all the pieces in the wardrobe plan. There are 239 unique combinations between just the tops, bottoms, and dresses. In the outfit guide I personally styled each combination with accessories and completer pieces so that you don't have to think about that part while knowing you are using every piece in every possible way! You'll get more mileage out of what's in your wardrobe and prevent the urge to go out and buy more just to change things up. There is already SO much variation when you follow this plan. This outfit guide shows you how.

Q. Does this guide include business casual looks?

A. There are 40 dressy outfits provided (10 for each season of the year) from the original 62 pieces that would make wonderful business outfits. Additionally, the Shopping Checklist and Shopping Links include more business attire addons that you can plug into the dressy outfit templates to create dozens more work appropriate looks.

Q. Do I have to use the suggested color palette within the guide for the outfits to work?

A. Definitely not! I encourage everyone to stick with a color palette they love. The color palette used in this Full Year Wardrobe plan is a suggestion and help demonstrate which pieces need to be in neutral versus in a main or accent color. Simply plug in your own color palette (or create a new one!) using the worksheet I provide in the ebook. I also provide careful notes about which color category from your own color palette to plug in within the Shopping Guide so that the outfits work for you.

Q. I have some of the pieces recommended in the wardrobe plan but how do I know if they will work in the outfits? 

A. The Shopping Guide provides detailed notes about what to look for. However, much of what makes the outfits work is the type of piece, not the exact look. If you would like to double check however, simply post a question on Frumpy Fighters and either I or another member will give our insights about how to use your pieces within the plan.

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Complete Guide ebook & Online Gallery- 239 outfits

Complete Guide ebook & Online Gallery- 239 outfits


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