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Getting Started

  1. To sign up as an affiliate, go to https://nowthaticando.com/affiliate-program
  2. Log in to view your Affiliate Dashboard. Visit http://www.nowthaticando.com/affiliates to log in to your account at any time.
  3. Set up Paypal to receive payments. If you don’t already have a paypal account, set it up for free by going to www.paypal.com. Then navigate to the Payouts section in your affiliate dashboard and add your Paypal email address.
  4. Current commission rate can be found on your Affiliate Dashboard.
  5. Bookmark both this page and your affiliate dashboard for easy reference later!


Affiliate Dashboard

Log in to your account and click “Affiliate” at the top.



Copy and paste these into the link generator on your affiliate dashboard before using them! 

Frumpy to Fabulous Sales Page

This links to the main sales page for Frumpy to Fabulous but doesn’t give a discountTo get a discount offer, your readers will want to join through one of the free offers linked below (Motivate & Activate or one of the Blog Posts). After subscribing they will receive emails from me offering the discount ($10 off the Basic Package and $20 off the Group and Coaching call Packages).

Main Sales Page (No Discount): https://www.nowthaticando.com/frumpy-to-fabulous


Motivate & Activate Free 3-Day Challenge

This free mini course is a perfect pre-cursor to Frumpy to Fabulous. Signing up gets subscribers into a sales funnel for Frumpy to Fabulous. 

Motivate & Activate Sign-Up Page: https://www.nowthaticando.com/challenge


Blog Posts

These blog posts offer value plus a freebie that gets people into the sales funnel for Frumpy to Fabulous.

Roadmap to a Better Mom Wardrobe (printable that previews the 7 steps in Frumpy to Fabulous): https://www.nowthaticando.com/home/roadmap-to-better-wardrobe-for-moms

Self-Care Blog Post (provides sign up for Motivate & Activate): https://www.nowthaticando.com/home/frump-fighting-motivation-how-to

Self-Care Blog Post (provides sign up for Motivate & Activate): https://www.nowthaticando.com/home/the-getting-put-together-planner


Current commission rate

Your commission rate can be found on your dashboard: http://www.nowthaticando.com/affiliates


How the current sales funnel works

I mention “getting someone into the sales funnel” in the links section above. This basically means directing them to sign up for one of the freebies related to Frumpy to Fabulous.

A “sales funnel” is a series of content and offers they experience after they sign up. This is delivered through redirect pages (such as right after they sign up) or through emails.

I’ve already constructed a carefully designed sales funnel so that you don’t have to! Your only job is to share your own genuine story behind the course and promote the sign up links to your friends/readers. I take care of the followup through the sales funnel.

Depending on what they sign up for, they will get slightly different emails. However they all get notified of a weekend flash sale that they can take advantage of. Basically, every Saturday after they complete the email sequence for a freebie they have an opportunity to purchase Frumpy to Fabulous at a discount. This is called the “weekend sale” or “24 hour flash sale”.


Test Riding The Sales Funnel

If you would like to see what they will see, simply sign up for the freebies above (either Motivate & Activate or the Roadmap Freebie) using a different email you haven’t used on the blog before. This is important as you won’t get the emails again if you subscribed for the same freebies previously.


Create a Plan & Start Selling To Earn Money!

Spend 5-10 minutes brainstorming a money-earning game plan:


Sample Strategies

Sample format for telling your story:

  • Why did you choose to buy the course? What problem where you wanting to solve?
  • How has the course solved those problems (be specific).
  • What are 1-2 of your favorite aspects about the course?


Product Specs

You can find descriptions and prices for the course at www.nowthaticando.com/frumpy-to-fabulous. Copy any of the text from that page as needed.



Q. My friend bought the course, but I wasn’t awarded any commission. Why not?

A. This may be because the cookie on their browser expired since the last time they used your affiliate link. It may also be because they used someone else’s affiliate link since yours. The most recent affiliate to refer receives the commission. You can also email me and I’ll try to verify what trail the order took.


Swipe Copy

From Launch Email Sequence

Here are my promo emails from the initial launch of Frumpy to Fabulous– use this for inspiration or copy some of the text. Just make sure you make it YOURS by using your voice and making any necessary edits.

  1. Frumpy to Fabulous is Now Available for YOU! (The All-Inclusive Mom Wardrobe Help You’ve Been Looking For)
  2. Breaking the cycle of a love-hate relationship with clothes
  3. 3 Perks to Joining Frumpy to Fabulous that Go Away on January 31st
  4. Not Buying Clothes in February & Answering FAQ’s
  5. How A Mom Of Four Littles Went From Closet Chaos To Closet Confidence
  6. Is Frumpy to Fabulous Worth The Money? ?
  7. Should I get the Outfit Guide OR Frumpy to Fabulous? Do they work together?



Right-click images and choose “Save” to download to your computer and use as needed.

Please do not modify these images.


Motivate & Activate Free Course and Self-Care Blog Post/Freebies

These are freebies related to the course that get readers in a funnel to get my promo sequence for Frumpy to Fabulous.

Self-Care Blog Post (precursor to Motivate & Activate): https://www.nowthaticando.com/home/frump-fighting-motivation-how-to

Self-Care Blog Post (precursor to Motivate & Activate): https://www.nowthaticando.com/home/the-getting-put-together-planner

Motivate & Activate Sign-Up Page: https://www.nowthaticando.com/challenge


Roadmap To a Better Wardrobe Freebie (Previews the 7 steps in Frumpy to Fabulous)

This is another freebie related to the course that gets readers in a funnel to get my promo sequence for Frumpy to Fabulous.

Blog post and sign up is here (make sure to turn this into an affiliate link before using): https://www.nowthaticando.com/home/roadmap-to-better-wardrobe-for-moms


Frumpy to Fabulous Paid Course

Use any images from sales page:

Regular Sales Page: https://www.nowthaticando.com/frumpy-to-fabulous

Frumpy to Fabulous Wardrobe Course for Becoming a Stylish Mom
What's in Frumpy to Fabulous - Frumpy to Fabulous_ Style Course for Moms