​​​​​​​The Closet Cleanout Challenge for Busy Moms

FREE 5 Day Challenge


Is your closet cluttered and frustrating? Are your ready to unfrump your wardrobe to make it easier to find something to wear every morning?

Join the 5-Day Challenge! What you’ll get…

  • A daily prompt with easy steps for how to effectively and easily declutter every part of your wardrobe.
  • A wardrobe checklist designed specifically for moms so you don’t have to guess what your wardrobe needs.
  • A decluttered closet and drawers that makes it easier to get dressed every morning.
  • Instant insight into the gaps in your wardrobe so that you don’t waste money on clothes you don’t need while insuring what you spend on clothes goes the extra mile.
  • An encouraging community of other moms just like you that are doing this together!

What Moms Have Said About The Frump Fighters® Method of Closet Cleanout…

 “I get overwhelmed by big projects. I loved having it broken down to a few things/categories each day. This didn’t overwhelm me and I was able to get it all done without having to set aside a huge chunk of time on one day.
– Jessica

“I loved being motivated to clear out my closet and drawers. Looking forward to only seeing now what I LOVE!”
– Helen

“I had lots of fun with this challenge. I’m someone who needs a list, step-by-step preferred, of exactly what to do so this was perfect for me to follow along.”
– Danielle

Corina Holden – Your Workshop Teacher

Corina is a wife and mama of three boys and has been running Frump Fighters since 2016 to help busy moms dress better on a budget. She began the website out of her own frustration with fashion after becoming a mom and it has quickly become a thriving community of women who are re-claiming their style and learning how to fight the frump in the midst of busy mom life.


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