Are you a stay-at-home mom feeling stuck in a fashion rut?

Do you want to spend less on clothes while achieving that effortless "chic mom" look?

You're not alone... fighting the "mom frump" is a real struggle!

The Stay-at-Home Moms' Outfit Guide shows you how to use the clothes in your closet to dress in chic but comfy outfits every day of the year–without an ounce of fashion sense required.

Stop spending money buying single new outfits or more clothes you don't wear when you can discover 280+ comfy but stylish ways to wear the clothes in your closet.

This book (and the bonus resources it comes with) will become your helpers each morning to help make getting dressed fun again.

It's like getting a virtual stylist to help you all year–without the hefty price tag.

And it's designed specifically for moms!

I'll show you WHAT wardrobe essentials you need and HOW to put them together into 280+ easy outfits that crush that frumpy mom feeling for good.

What's an Outfit guide?

Watch this video to learn why I created the outfit guides and how they help you dress nice everyday. 


TIP  -  Jump to 2:30 for a thorough tour of the features that come with your outfit guide.

Here's a breakdown of everything you get with the Outfit Guide suite:

feature #1 - Outfit Guide eBook

The 195-page outfit guide walks you through updating your clothes using a pre-planned wardrobe framework. Most moms already have the bulk of recommended pieces because they are classic basics.

The main bulk of the book shows you all the ways you can combine your pieces into outfits for every day mom life.

Mom-Friendly Wardrobe Plan

Reference visuals and an easy shopping checklist to update your wardrobe on your own timeline. No more second-guessing what's on-trend or what you should buy. Go beyond jeans and tees to explore new mom-friendly pieces you will fall in love with.

288 custom-designed outfit combinations

I personally plan out all the possible outfit combinations from the pieces in the wardrobe plan so that you KNOW you are using everything in as many ways possible.

Includes visuals as well as written formulas for each outfit so you can re-create it using YOUR own pieces!

Every outfit is personally styled by me in an easy-to-follow visual and outfit formula. It's like having a personal stylist each morning without paying for one!

And these 288 outfits are just the beginning... you can create countless variations by just changing up the accessories, shoes and completer pieces!

Print Copy

You can choose to add a print copy too! Enjoy access to your hard copy every morning by keeping it on your bedside table. No need to even leave bed before deciding what you want to wear today!

I love having a blueprint for how to build my wardrobe and plan outfits.

Before, I would find things on clearance that were a great deal, but really ended up being similar to other pieces or only working in one outfit.

Now I can shop with a plan, and it's so much easier to plan outfits with the guide.

I also like that it's easy to dress up the outfits to be school-appropriate, as I work in a high school. Between, work, church, family, and all the other things I do on a daily basis, I'm all for anything that saves time and brings a little joy to my day!


Feature #2 - Outfit gallery web app

You'll also receive access to a handy web app where you can swipe through outfits to pick from in the morning.

You're also able to sort outfits by specific clothing pieces. Feeling like wearing your print cardigan? Sort by that item and see all the ways you can style it.

Feature #3 - Huge shopping guide with hundreds of additional shopping links

If you want me to do all the shopping for you, you’ll love the Shopping Guide included with your purchase. It gives you access to a very comprehensive document with tons of links for each item ranging from Amazon to Target to H&M and even some Nordstrom options (for those looking to buy higher quality).

Also includes plus size and maternity/nursing shopping links!

This document is updated constantly so that you have a working shopping assistant no matter when you purchase your guide!

I used to spend so much money on cute clothes that I wouldn't wear because I had no ideas how to put them together into an outfit.

Even though I've been buying some key clothing pieces using Corina's plan, I've realized that I've actually been SAVING money thanks to the outfit guide now that I know what to buy AND how to wear it.

No more wasted purchases and I feel really good in the outfits I put together thanks to the guide.

Amy, from Cooking with a Full Plate

BONUS Feature #1: "Customize Your Capsule" Mini Course

In this easy-to-navigate course, you'll get step-by-step instructions for how to update your wardrobe using the wardrobe plan, how to create your own color palette, how to adapt and swap pieces, and how to shop (even when you have little kids).

Access to this $10 mini course is included FREE!

Here's what's included inside this Bonus mini course:

I include this mini course FREE because I want you to dig as deep as you want with your outfit guide!

You can simply use the outfit ideas each morning to change up your looks or go further and really customize things to work for you. This mini course will help you do that (if you want to).

I love the layout. 

... you do a great job of showing how to customize your capsules. About half the items would work for me as is, and the rest I feel confident in being able to fill in my own pieces using your guidelines.

You give a lot of guidance in your "alternatives" for each piece, which opens up the possibilities for really anyone's personal style to show through, and look completely different from any other woman using the guide, but ensuring that we'll still look put together and always walk in and out of our closets dressed with confidence.


BONUS Feature #2: Additional pre-designed Color Palettes!

One of the ways that my wardrobe plan creates hundreds of outfit options is because I teach you to work with a set color palette. YES, we love using color around here! (Enough of those bland capsule wardrobes!)

If the color palette that the examples use doesn't suit you, just go with a different color palette when gathering your own version of pieces.

To make this easy, several pre-designed color palettes are available to choose from. If you know your season type, you will have season-specific color palettes to draw inspiration from as well!

I love the new colours and pieces, and how well you explained how to use the guide. No more confusion!


how your week looks before the outfit guide...

With the busyness of motherhood, it's so easy to stay stuck in a rut of wearing the same jeans + tee combo every day. Or hoodie and yoga pants!

Whatever your go-to is, I understand how hard it is to think creatively and branch out with your outfits.

That's why I created the outfit guide... 

how your week looks after the outfit guide...

The outfit guide shows you what's missing in your wardrobe for comfortable mom style. (Most moms already have most of the recommended pieces, but have a few key gaps that they need to fill to create more outfit remixability.)

It then shows you ALL the ways to combine basic pieces to create casual look for every day that you actually don't mind wearing all day.

By showing you what to wear each day, it takes the decision making away in the morning while dressing you in something cute and unique for your day.

It's a major confidence and mood booster!

Get ready to feel Pinterest-Perfect without any extra time or effort in the morning!

You'd never guess what a difference it can make...

Check out the benefits that our customers report just a week into owning an outfit guide:

Heavy Check Mark on Facebook Clarity on what clothes to keep and what to get rid of (without regretting it later)

Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  Saving money on clothes by only buying what makes the biggest difference in your wardrobe (it becomes glaringly clear what you’re missing!)

Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  Starting to use your clothes in multiple ways--making the most of every future purchase.

Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  Feeling excited even when you come home with only a couple of items from your shopping trip because you know there are dozens of new outfits waiting for you to try in the outfit guide using those two items.

Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  No longer turning to shopping to add MORE clothes when you’re bored of your wardrobe. You’ll have so many ways to wear your clothes that boredom won’t even be a factor.

Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  Feeling confident about the way you look every time you try a new look because you’re following a fail-proof outfit formula that shows you how to do it right.

Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  No longer hiding behind baggy, shapeless clothes and embracing your body because you love the way you look in the chic outfit ideas.

Heavy Check Mark on Facebook  An improved daily mood because you feel great about the way you look even when you’re just at home all day.

And other common happenings reported by users of the outfit guides:

Red Heart on Facebook 3.0 Compliments from your husband. The remark “I don’t know what you’ve been doing different but I love it!” and finally, being asked on a date... by your husband AND strangers. ?

Red Heart on Facebook 3.0 Finding it easier to lose weight because your mood and sense of self-worth is improved by simply getting dressed each day.

Every feature is based on the requests of thousands of moms who have blazed the trail to updating their style with an outfit guide.

You'll find yourself delighting over the straight-forward, helpful design of every single feature.

Dressing like a chic mom has never been easier than with an outfit guide on your phone or bedside table to help you every morning (or PTO night!)

Hey! I'm Corina.

I'm a mama of three boys. I create simple wardrobe plans to make it easier to get dressed in the morning as a mom.

Keeping little ones alive and happy really takes all the energy I have! I didn't want to think about what to wear each day.

I've spent countless hours creating this wardrobe plan and outfit guide so that we can all benefit from effortless style every day, all year-round.

You're not alone in wanting a simple wardrobe solution!

join over 30k subscribers to date

What other mamas have said about the Outfit Guide...

I'm in love with this guide!

I bought the full year wardrobe because I stand in my closet every morning, look at my racks full of clothes and think "I have nothing to wear." I was looking for outfit inspirations to get me started on what to put together and how to build a flexible wardrobe. I love how Corina helps you do just that in this wardrobe guide.

The outfits are practical, look different from one another, and I can modify them to fit my lifestyle. I like the notes under the outfits that tell you how to put it together. I can't wait to try them all.

I would recommend this to anyone who struggles with getting ready in the mornings. Finally I'm feeling put together.


I like the extra advice and suggestions regarding the clothes....if they should be long or short sleeve and the different color patterns. I also like the shopping guide option.


I absolutely love it. The colors and styles you picked are on point for current styles, and it will help me very much to mix and match in ways I wouldn't think to on my own.


...It helps me when I am trying out new styles I am not that confident about, to see how you could actually put the pieces together that it might look good.

It is a huge help when I am going shopping, because I know now what I have to look for and don't just buy similar pieces all the time.

Best of all is the list of clothes with advice on what to look for if you don't find or can't afford the exact items shown in the guide. Also the tips below the outfits are very useful, because with all the layers it is sometimes difficult to know how they are meant to be worn all together.


After always feeling at a loss with clothes and styling, Corina has provided structure and ease to finally help me have confident style and stay realistic with my life as a mom!

I absolutely love the detail she is has put into a list of items to buy (and where to buy them!) while being conscious of cost.

But she doesn't stop there, the gallery of how to mix and match the items is invaluable. Anytime I get stuck in a rut, I go back to the gallery and find new inspiration for myself.

I have never felt more comfortable or confident in how I dress and it's all thanks to Corina's Wardrobe Guide!"


this is awesome! i purchased the guide for some visual help and simplicity. as a mom of an 18mo and a 3mo, my body has changed a lot and i need help rebuilding my "mom friendly" wardrobe. thank you for including the accessories!!! i was never good with those and never realized what a little boost in that can do for my confidence.

also the online gallery will be a lifesaver while shopping!


I am SO excited looking through this new guide! These outfits provided here are cute, comfy and super-stylish.

Putting on a cute outfit is *just as easy* as dressing frumpy when you have a the right tools to teach you how to do so!


I love Corina's outfit guides!

Even when I have all of the capsule pieces, it's so easy for me to get stuck in a rut of wearing the same handful of outfits. I tend to wear each piece only one or two ways.

The outfit guide helps me to branch out and find different ways to put my pieces together. Using the guide make me feel like my wardrobe is huge! Thank you!


Corina has done a fabulous job of pulling together a simple yet flexible wardrobe plan in The Complete Guide.

It helps me to feel polished even when time and energy are at a minimum.

I love being able to access all the outfits online and search by specific piece, saving me so much time in planning what to wear.

My closet is more organized, and my mornings are more efficient. Now when I shop, I have specific items in mind, which keeps me from making impulse purchases. Two thumbs up from me for sure!


Here's how Emily, stay-at-home mom of 3, describes what the Outfit Guide did to solve the chaos in her closet

"I stumbled upon the full year wardrobe, and it changed my life."

Frequently asked questions

Is this a print or digital product?

The outfit guide is available as both an eBook and a printed hard copy (both options available at check out). The other included resources are all digital (outfit gallery web app, mini course, shopping guide, etc.).

Do I have to buy a bunch of clothes for this outfit guide to work for me?

Nope. The outfit guide isn't about spending a bunch of money on new clothes. It's about discovering how to wear what you already have and exploring new pieces that can help you maximize the use of everything you won.

To that end, the outfit guide comes with a clothing checklist called a "wardrobe plan" that shows you the kinds of pieces you should have in your wardrobe. We start by shopping your closet and most moms already have most the pieces in their wardrobe.

The outfit guide will then reveal any additional gaps in your wardrobe. I help you prioritize what to shop for first by marking the most important pieces clearly (even down to what is needed in each season!).

You can then work away at adding missing clothing items as your budget allows. The shopping guide that is included is constantly updated with various price point options from Amazon to Nordstrom to Old Navy. (Many of our users shop only at thrift stores and spend very little filling in the gaps over time!)

Even without having the full list of clothing pieces recommended in the outfit guide, you will be able to explode how many outfits you create using what you already own.

This is possible because the outfit gallery web app lets you sort by specific pieces you already own so that you can start trying outfits already in your closet.

Should I spend money on this guide when I really need money to get some new clothes?
The smartest investment is a plan! This style guide costs about as much as a pair of pants and explodes the potential of every piece you own. These guides help you shop smart so that the clothes you do buy actually get used. The daily outfit ideas were designed to take each of the pieces in the wardrobe plan (many of which you probably already own!) and use it in multiple ways. Not only will you enjoy fun new ways to wear your existing clothes, but you'll find that the money you spend shopping becomes a much better investment.
I'm pregnant, does this work for maternity?
Absolutely! The pieces in my wardrobe plans can be translated into maternity.  You would simply use/buy the maternity version of each piece. (A big portion of your pieces doesn't even have to be maternity for it to work in pregnancy. I specify all of these details in the Shopping Guide.)

All the outfits still apply! The only outfits you would wear differently are the ones were I recommend tucking the shirt 😉

I have used the outfit formulas through my entire 3rd pregnancy.

Are the outfits nursing friendly?
Absolutely. The clothing checklist provides insight into which pieces should be purchased in nursing style (such as the dresses) and offers tips on simply adapting a regular piece to work for nursing.

The Shopping Guide also includes a link for a maternity/nursing option for each item.

Do I have to use the suggested color palette for the outfits to work?
Definitely not! I encourage everyone to stick with a color palette they love. The color palettes used in each guide are a suggestion and help demonstrate which pieces need to be in neutral versus in an accent color.

Simply use the free mini course that is included as a bonus with this guide to plan and apply your own color palette!

Isn't it easy enough to come up with my own outfit combinations?

On average most people only actually wear a third or less of the outfit potential because they gravitate towards the looks they're used to and comfortable with.

This outfit guide is designed to take the decision of what you’ll wear out of your hands, both saving your time and energy while also helping you try combinations you never thought of before.

Even though I’ve planned the different outfits in the guide myself, I still fall into ruts of wearing my pieces the same way when I don’t refer to my outfit guides!

Can I see examples of the outfits on real people?
With hundreds of moms using the outfit guides each season you'll find examples of the outfits on real people within the free Frump Fighters Facebook group. Just search "Outfit #" within the group and those posts will appear.

The outfit guide suite is ready for you...

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