App Refund & Cancellation Policy

Cancelling premium subscription: You may cancel your premium subscription at any time. Your access to paid features (including your uploaded data) will be terminated at the end of your billing cycle. You may request cancellation by contacting hello@frumpfighters.com or using the link at the bottom of your invoice from Frump Fighters. Your uploaded outfits will be stored on your account should you choose to re-active premium.

Refunds: We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on https://app.frumpfighters.com/ plans (Basic or Premium). You may also request a refund on collections (outfit guides) that you may purchase to access within the app, within 30 days of purchase of such products. Access to the materials and your app account will be revoked upon receiving a refund.

Removal of data: You may request the closing of your app account and removal of any associated data at any time by contacting hello@frumpfighters.com. Note that when you cancel your subscription to the premium level you will still retain access to basic level features. If you have questions, please contact our Customer Support team at hello@frumpfighters.com. Effective as of April 09, 2021