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Navigating Your Affiliate Dashboard on SendOwl + Why You Should Use the Freebie Link!!


Getting Started

Here are the steps you'll want to take to get started earning money!

  1. You should have received an email from SendOwl with your affiliate account login details. (If you did not join yet, you can join here.) Make sure to log in to your account and then bookmark that to easily access it later. From that account you will be able to grab your personal affiliate links which will direct your interested friends or readers to the corresponding pages on the blog.

  2. Set up Paypal to receive payments. If you don't already have a paypal account, set it up for free by going to www.paypal.com. Then navigate to Settings > Account on SendOwl to connect it.

  3. Current commission rates can be found on your SendOwl account by clicking Programs > "Outfit Guides for Moms" > "Click to see affiliate links." Commission rates are subject to change, but you will be notified if they do.

  4. Products and prices are at https://www.nowthaticando.com/outfit-guides-checkout. However, use YOUR affiliate link from your account to refer people and earn money on sales.

  5. Use https://bitly.com/ to shorten your affiliate links for easy sharing (create a free account with Bitly so that you can track how many times people have clicked your link!).

  6. When someone visits a page using your link, a cookie is recorded that LASTS 1 YEAR. That means even if the person doesn't purchase something right away, you will earn commission on the first purchase made within a year. They do need to make the purchase on the same device though. So if they clicked your link initially on mobile but make the purchase on their computer, we aren’t able to track that and you will not be attributed for the sale.

  7. Bookmark this page for easy reference later!

Current Products Earning You Commission

Prices subject to change.

  • Stay at Home Mom Year-Round Outfit Guide - $40 (offered at 40% off for 24 hours after they sign up for the freebie)

  • Business Moms Year-Round Outfit Guide - $25 (offered at 40% off for a few days after they sign up for the freebie)

  • Spring/Summer Outfit Guide - $14.99 (offered at 20% off for seven days if they signed up for the freebie)

  • Fall Outfit Guide - $9.99

  • Winter Outfit Guides (2 color variations) - $9.99 each

Create a Plan & Start Selling To Earn Money!

Spend 5-10 minutes brainstorming a money-earning game plan:

Sample Strategies

  • EMAIL LIST: Email your email list sharing the story of what the wardrobe plans/outfits guides have done for you. Include a link to the FYW freebie (get your affiliate link from the dashboard). Once someone signs up, they'll get marketing emails from me to purchase the guide at a discount (3 days). Then they can still purchase at full price.

  • BLOG: See my links to helpful articles above.

  • FACEBOOK: Do a Facebook Live or post sharing your story and let your friends know about the FYW freebie. Include a link to it in your post. (get your affiliate link from the dashboard).

  • INSTAGRAM: Place your affiliate link to the About Outfit Guides page in your Instagram profile. When you post an outfit picture share how the outfit guide has helped you and tell them to check it out with the link in your profile.

  • PINTEREST: Upload the pin provided at the bottom of the images (the really long one). USE YOUR AFFILIATE LINK TO THE FYW FREEBIE PAGE. (get your affiliate link from the dashboard). For the description, write key words describing what it is and how it's helped you and include (affiliate link) as a disclosure. You can also just use this description: A mom's full year (fall/winter/spring/summer) wardrobe plan! It can be treated as a capsule or just the foundation! Love that the pieces are casual and comfortable but also cute and chic for easy outfits on the go! She has a totally free ebook download with a printable shopping checklist and tons of links to affordable pieces!! Even comes with some mom outfit ideas! Great for a stay-at-home mom, teacher or working mom!

    • Re-pin that pin to your board(s) once or twice a month (it's okay if it repeats, don't delete the original pin)

Sample format for telling your story:

  • Why did you choose to buy the outfit guide? What problem where you wanting to solve?

  • How has this guide solved those problems (be specific).

  • What are 1-2 of your favorite aspects about the wardrobe plan and/or outfit guide?

Product Specs

You can find descriptions and prices at https://www.nowthaticando.com/outfit-guides-checkout. Copy any of the text from that page as needed.


Q. My friend got an outfit guide, but I wasn't awarded any commission. Why not?

A. This may be because the cookie on their browser expired since the last time they used your affiliate link. It may also be because they used someone else's affiliate link since yours. The most recent affiliate to refer receives the commission. You can also email me and I'll verify what trail the order took. 

Swipe Copy

Here are my promo emails from the launch of the FYW-- use this for inspiration or copy some of the text. Just make sure you make it YOURS by using your voice and making any necessary edits. 

Hours left to order reminder email - FAQs

Intro to FYW Freebie Preview

You may also want to use text from the FYW announcement blog post if you are planning to promote the FYW freebie rather than just the Outfit Guide directly. Find that post here.


Go here for a doc of testimonials. Use all or snippits of any of these to provide social proof for the outfit guides!


Right-click images and choose "Save" to download to your computer and use as needed.

Please do not modify these images.

Outfit Guide Covers


Link each button to the suggested page (make sure to use your affiliate link from the dashboard!)


Infographics (Year-Round Wardrobe FREEBIE)

The images below show what you get with the Year-Round Wardrobe Plan freebie. Get your link to the freebie sign up on the affiliate dashboard.


Infographics (Year-Round Wardrobe Outfit Guide)

Infographics - Business Style Guide

Infographics - Kid's Capsule Freebie & Outfit Guides

Infographics - General for all Guides