100 Outfit Formulas for the Maternity Wardrobe Plan (Bundle)


Complement your wardrobe checklist with: 100 Outfit Formulas straight from the Maternity Wardrobe Plan for Spring/Summer



#1 - A 3-page checklist of 100 Outfits Ideas

Enjoy a new outfit variation every day. Check them off as you go so you never repeat outfits! This checklist will insure you use your wardrobe to its fullest potential.

#2 - An Interactive Outfit Generator Spreadsheet

Use the spreadsheet format on your computer to find specific outfits easily. Want to know what goes with your white shorts? Sort by that clothing item to only see those outfits!

Play the video to see the Outfit Generator spreadsheet in action!

What you get with this bundle.

#3 - FREE BONUS: Clothing Pieces Checklist

Use the wardrobe plan checklist to plan what you need to buy, swap or borrow for your capsule wardrobe!

The outfits were created using just one item from each of the main categories... meaning you will be able to enjoy all of these outfits even if you only build a bare-bones wardrobe for your pregnancy.